Saturday, October 1, 2005

Smaller size


 I was getting ready for work yesterday and thought I would try on an old uniform top that was to small for me.  It fit great, it was even loose.  The front snaps and I didn't use to be able to snap it around my stomach but no problem now.  I have to keep remembering the inches and not worring so much about the pounds.  With the exercising I am loosing inches.  It is almost time to get measured again at Curves.  I wonder how different it will be? 

   For eating at work last night I had a low fat wrap, fruit cup and 2 rice cakes.  I had popcorn later.  Remember I work 12 hours.  I won't eat now until supper when we will have brats.  I have mine plain.  I can have 7 steak fries and want to use up my salad.  Fresh greens seem to get bad so much quicker then iceburg lettuce but I like it better and it is alot better for you.

  Later in the same day..........Woke up and weighed myself....Ta Da 209.8  Yippy!  In a little over 9 pounds I will be under 200.  I must admit to being  very proud of myself.


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