Sunday, October 16, 2005

Home exercises

   I got up this afternoon and did the yoga exercises I printed off.  All except one page I just found in the printer so will have to add them.  Then I did my Tai Chi to seniors in my sons room.  That is difficult because I don't have enough room to move freely.  I guess I will get the TV he gave me hooked up and go buy a dvd/vcr player so I can do it in the livingroom.  I wish the gym offered a class of this as I would love to have my form checked.  I hate working out at home.  The dog always thinks I'm ready to play and gets in my way and I get interupted all the time.  I did work up a sweat though and need to shower before work and then get supper ready.  

Done with my shower and the scale is moving down again.  Yippie. 207.6.  Hope it keeps going down by weigh in.  Decreasing my meals for a few days seems to have helped.  Or the increase in exercise.  I just never know for sure.  I don't want to stay this low calorie wise for long though or my body will start only burning that many and I will be stuck at only 1000 calories a day.  Tomorrow I will increase to 1500 and then Tuesday down to 1000 again until weigh in Wed.  then I will bounce between 1200 and 1600 the rest of the week.  I'll see if that works. 

    Work tonight, but I will be able to go to the gym tomorrow around 1 and tuesday water aerobics and weight circuits.  Wed. yoga and Tai Chi at home, Thursday weight circuit, Friday water aerobics. saturday weight circuit.  I forgot to mention the other machines, treadmill and bike and machine from hell, but I do those on the day I do the circuit.  I am now up to exercising everyday or I feel like I am blowing it.  It gets addicting. I am still having trouble with that pain in my right side and my stomach is starting to look like people have been punching me with all the bruises.  I hand is still swollen also.

  I got an email from one of my favorite authors yesterday, Christopher Moore and he won the award we all voted him in for.  He has 2 new books out I haven't read so I can't wait to get them.  He has such funny dark humor and the people in his books are so believable.  I also really like Tim Dorsey & Carl Hiaasen.  They all have a way of showing the worse and best of people in a sick twisted funny way.  Now thatwinter is coming I will have to start going to the library every week because nothing is nicer on a cold winter day then a great book snuggled under your lap blanket.

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