Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween


                                                 A Reminder,

Don't eat the halloween candy least it come back to haunt yooooouuuuuuuu!

  This time of year is difficult as I try to avoid all the diet pitfalls at work and elsewhere.  I very nice friend at work passed out halloween treats at work, candy, to everyone in little bags, very cute.  No brocolli in that little bag.  My husband was happy to get it.  He has a real sweet tooth.  Harder to pass up was the potluck with cheese dips, chips, taverns, cakes and cupcakes and one lone bag of brocolli, califlower and carrots.  I did have a small peice of cake and almost ate the whole bag of califlower and brocolli myself.  Difficult time of year.  What was weird was I wanted it.  I have been so good for so long that I thought it would be easy to resist and I have turned down pizza and treats for months but for some reason I couldn't this weekend as easily.  I have to chop those cravings in half.  I found myself eating a small peice of candy here and there and know I will reqret it.  Once upon a time I would have blamed it on that time of month but I have no excuses.  I think it was stress.  I had a patient come in last night and take a turn for the worse.  I called the family in when the son arrived realized it was a friend of mine I haven't seen in a couple of years.  His father is probably not going to make it so it was very sad.  I have seen alot of people die and it is always hard when I know the family but I think I make it easier for them.  He was still alive when I left but I was surprised.  Anyway I think that is why the nervous eating thing happened.  We have candy and donuts here all the time and I am never tempted so I will chalk it up to the stress and sorrow I felt for my friend.

   I found out what is wrong with my wrist.  One of our pulled nurses worked for a ortho doctor for years and she knew right away what was wrong and how to treat my wrist.  It is called deQuervain's Tendinitis.  It is simular to trigger fingers like I had on my other wrist.  Instead of putting heat on it like I have been doing I was suppose to ice it 4 times a day,  I have to get a splint that immobolizes my thumb and wear it 24 hours a day, and motrin 800mg which I was doing.  They also recommend cortozone shots but I will try this first.  Women are more prone to this and I seem to be as I have had surgery on my other hand for trigger fingers and carpel tunnel.


   I am going to the gym shortly and then out to Curves to officially quit.  I also am going to look for a brace for my hand.  I have no idea what to have for supper tonight.  I think the only thing I have around is ground turkey and salmon flanks so it will be along those lines.  I also want to get to the library to check out the GI book.  Ediets has mixed reviews about it so I will see.

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