Sunday, October 2, 2005

Gym tomorrow

   Tomorrow when I wake up we are going to go work out for the first time at the gym.  I am excited but unfortunately my husband seems less then enthused.  I hope he doesn't wig out on me.  If I can get him going I think he will get into it.  I tried to get him to buy a swimsuit but he doesn't sound like he has any intention of ever going into the pool.  I thought it would be great to workout for a hour then go cool off in the pool and hot tub.  We shall see.  He can be such a mule sometimes.  If it is something he likes then it's easy to motivate him, like bike riding, but if it is something I like................. well not so easy.

  He is making a egg pie tonight for supper. I had a very healthy supper planned but he is hungry for his famous egg pie.   Loaded big time with calories.  Ham, eggs, cheeses, peppers mushrooms and corn.  I can't even imagine how many calories are in it.  I am going to have a massive salad and a thin slice of it.  I know he is hungry for it and it is delicious but at this point in my weight loss it is not in my plan.  That is the trouble with the week I work and he cooks.  He doesn't always try to go light for me.  He makes what he is hungry for.  He can eat all day and not gain weight.  Oh well.

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