Thursday, October 20, 2005

My week off



  The pretty pillow above is done by a local artist.  He first carves the image on limolium and then burns it onto the material.  He also makes the pillow.  I love it when a man sews.  I had a couch just like that at one time and the picture reminds me of a Maxfield Parrish so I really liked this pillow.

  I made it through another week on and am now off until Thursday.  I have to switch my eating back to normal.  I had a bad night of eating last night.  Started off with a lean cuisine and spinach salad which was good.  Ate my apple about a hour later or 2 am, good.  Someone made kettle corn about a hour after that and I had some, not good and I ate some rice cakes around 5:30. I then had a raisen oatmeal cookie.  I have to add up my calories but it doesn't seem like  I have many left and I have the rest of the day to get through.  Rick made chicken and red potatoes in the crock pot with the recipe from the low fat crock pot site.  It smells delicious.  Once again I am out of spinach because I have been eating salads for every meal lately.  We bought some  great looking 9 grain bread, real chunky looking so I will have a slice with supper with low fat butter.

   I have been feeling so unfocused lately and realized I have been neglecting my meditation.  Trying to get in my exercising and working and cooking and cleaning and all the other things one must do everyday, I have neglected my long meditation routine and just done the small breathing exercises.  So today it was quiet when I got up and I did the whole breathing, relaxation, and visual imagining series.  I am now so relaxed and am ready for my week off.  I am not sure if it was a good thing to go work out after my meditation but I was nice and loose and my workout went well.  It was pretty crowded when I got there but I still got in a hours of weight training.  I was thinking about what they said at curves.  They only recommend 3 day of exercising and say anything over that is really overkill.  I wonder if that is true.  I pretty much exercise at the least 5 days and usually 6 days a week.  Are 2 of the days wasted days?  I wonder where I would get a correct answer?  A trainer would of course say you needed to do it everyday.  Doctors are really clueless.  Have I noticed any added benifits to increasing my exercise to almost daily?  I know I hate it when I have a day I can't work out.  I can't help but feel like I am slacking on my routine.  If I give up one day whats to stop me from 2 or 3 or 4.  By now you would think I would have more confidence in myself.  Anyway, I like to workout so will probably keep it up unless I start to look like Arnold.

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