Thursday, October 13, 2005

Need to get more aggressive

   I am unhappy with my loss and am going to have to be more aggressive.  I am going to give up the occasional beer that I have and last night we had pizza because we were running late.  I ate a large salad and  less pizza, but at this point I can't do that.  I am also going to give up my popcorn at night.  I was doing better before I had those things.   This next 4 days at work I am going to really cut down and see if that helps.  I won't be able to workout now until Monday.  I thought about going right after work and then coming home and sleeping but I am afraid it might make me to hyper. and I won't sleep well.  The more I exercise the more I hate this 4 day stretch because I miss working out.  I have to rethink what I have been doing.  In trying to make sure I get my fruit in did I add to many?  Are my portions getting to large again, I will start measuring them again.  I love a nice porter in the winter but will give that up if it means the scales will go down faster.  If I get approved for my surgery I will be unable to do alot of the exercises I am doing now for 6 weeks.  That will put me way behind.  I need to get lower so I can handle that.  I should find out soon what they decide is my fate.

   I did 2 hours of water aerobics and it was a great workout today.  We had a new instructor and she made us really work out.  I love it.  I have to go to the store and get meals on hand for when I work.  They need to be easy and fast to prepare as my husband hasn't been cooking like he used to.  Thats sucks because if I didn't have to wake up and make dinner I could get in a workout at the gym while he fixed dinner.  He wants spagetti tonight so I will have a very small amount since he refuses to have it anyway but the way we have always hate it, loaded with calories.  It would be so much easier if I just cooked for myself.  Anyway that is my plan for today and then work at 7p.

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