Friday, October 21, 2005


  I am still having an incredible amount of pain in my left wrist and right hand.    I think I have tendonitis on the left, but the right looks like that stupid growth is coming back.  I sure hope not.  I do not want surgery on that again.

  Today I am doing water aerobics at 10.  Friday is the best class because it is small.  The rest of the classes in the 2nd hour are to large and there are too many women there who go just to have a social hour and talk the entire class.  They pay no attention to the instructor and are always in your way.  Wish they would find a different way to socialize.  On my water aerobic days I usually just have a slim fast as I don't want a large meal sitting on my stomach.  For lunch I had a apple cut up with low fat peanut butter to dip it in and another slim fast.  Not very hungry today for some reason.  I was going to have beef soup but am making a low fat chicken Lasagna.  I found a recipe I want to try out.
  They are talking snow in the morning so I have been digging out my soup recipes looking for soups to cut down the calories on.

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