Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another sore muscle day!

    I wonder if there will ever be a day when I don't get that hit by a truck feeling after doing a new workout.  Boy am I sore today.  I did 2 hours of water aerobics and then some yoga moves trying to keep stretching since I don't have a class again until Monday.  It helped doing the water aerobics today or I would have really stiffened up. 

    I had slim fast for breakfast again.  It works out best for me on the days I do my water aerobics.  Then I had another wonderful great salad.  We are grilling hamburgers tonight.  I eat mine plain with melted low fat pepperjack cheese.  Today we are doing the brussel sprouts.  I have them ready and also blanched some fresh green beans to freeze.  I have been hungry for acorn squash lately but have never had it without the brown sugar and butter.  I will have to find a new way to make it.  My husband wants spagetti and won't budge.  He wants it the way we always make it.  The sauce is way to fattening.  Italian sausage, pepperoni, hamburger.  I suppose I will make it that way and just have a very small serving and a massive salad.

  Something I noticed today.  My shoulder no longer is killing me.  Slowly but surely the pain I have been living with is getting better.  My side is still hurting but that will get better also.  My plan is working.  I am getting healthier and off pain medications.  I feel good.


robynmac said...

BTW, Julie, I make acorn squash now with a little diabetic syrup and a sprinkling of nutmeg. I won't say it's exactly like the way I used to make it -- with brown sugar, butter and link sausages -- but it's quite good.

midwestvintage said...

 Thanks Robin.  I will try that.  I can always count on you to have a great way to prepare things to cut down on the calories.