Saturday, October 29, 2005

13 hours of work tonight

 Since the clocks are changing I will be working 13 hours tonight. It is amazing how one more hour just exhausts you. It has been very busy at work We seem to be having a blue light special on open heart surgery this week. I got some croc's and it is wonderful how good my feet feel. They are very ugly, but I'll take that for comfort anyday.  I haven't done much in the way of exercising all weekend. It is hard when I work and I am hoping a very busy weekend at work counts for something.  It seem also that the week I work and don't work out is the week I lose.  It is either because I have trouble getting all my calories in or my muscles start shrinking already.

 Ate at my MIL last night.  The meal was as predicted. My husband says eating there is like eating at McDonalds. You always know exactly what the food is going to taste like. Since we have been trying so many new recipes lately we never know what our meal will taste like. He likes that and I do also. I wonder how in the world my MIL gets her meat so dry? But at 83 I am not about to say anything and she wanted to make her baby boy supper for his birthday, he's 54 this year. I thought it was funny. We had her usual iceburg lettuce salad but she had bought some spinach leaves and put about 9 in with the rest of the salad. She is trying but she is so cheap with everything. She used to make califlower or broccoli and would add maybe 10 pieces of grated cheese to the whole head. Why even bother. Now of course I don't usually put cheese on top, parmesian when I do, but it was funny back then. Chocolate chip cookies would have 1 or 2 chocolates in it. A bag of chips would last her 3 years! That is what happens when you live through a depression. Since she has a fair amount of money and is getting up there I keep asking her, what are you saving it for, live alittle.

     My son is sick and I am not feeling well either. My husband is making low fat chicken and noodles. The longer I am up the worse I feel. I hope I make it through work.

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