Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Another day Better


 Tuesdays are water aerobics and we had a new instuctor today.  She kicked up the pace  quite abit and I realized I have been slacking in class.  I am still in the senior class but now that I am a member I could take the regular class and I think I will do that and see if it is a harder workout.  I take this class and drag my MIL who is 83 along kicking and screaming so she can stay active.  She is noticing some improvement so it is easier to get her to go but she still comes up with excuses to only make it once a week.  At 83 I think that is OK.  I might do the water aerobics tomorrow for 1 hour and work out on the machines for a hour or 2 depending on how this other class goes.

   I got some great stuff yesterday.  I went on this site,  http://www.aicr.org/publications/nap/  which has great information about portion control and different foods.  You can order the brochures which I did.  They have great recipes and are very informative.  I sent them some money to cover it, but they are free.  They request a donation if you can afford it.  I also bought a cook book of light cooking at Barnes and Noble.  They have some excellent recipes with all the nutritional information in it.  There is a great one for asparagus and mushrooms I might make tonight along with a chicken recipe that makes my mouth water just looking at the pictures.  Anyone who says you can't eat well while losing weight just isn't trying.  There are wonderful recipes and ways to cook that make the food both delicious and eye appealing.  My family seems to have no problem scarffing it up.

    I am so lucky I never had much of a sweet tooth.  I listen to some of the struggles some of the ladies are having and I think a sweet tooth makes this journey much harder.  While I would be content with a piece of dark chocolate for some peoples it seems to trigger a binge.  I like to blame my husband for my weight problem.  He did alot of the cooking and everything was way to much.  A huge steak, 4 slices of french toast.  Massive hamburgers. 2 brats.  I used to tell him I couldn't eat that much but with practice you get so you can.  He didn't force it down me though.  Having been very poor growing up you simply did not waste food.  I am doing more of the cooking now and teaching him portion control and he can use the cook books just like me.  He needs to start cooking more.  It is so expensive to eat well.  A huge amount of my check goes toward fresh fruit, vegetables and meats.  I go through so much lettuce, spinach, dressing etc...  It is cheaper to eat processed foods that is for sure.  The meats in them are so funky though and I would rather know exactly what the meat is I am eating and get all the fat off of it as I have a real horror of fat on my chicken or meat.   My brother used to trim the fat off his meat before he grilled and fry it up and eat it.  Yikes.  Now he is wondering why his cholestrol is high as is his blood pressure.


   I had slim fast for breakfast because of swim and was going to have a wrap for lunch but when I saw the left overs in the fridge I ended up eating them.  I had some left over steamed vegetables, brocollie and califlower and I heated up the last sweet potatoe.  I mashed it with low fat butter and sprinkled crushed walnuts in it and is was really good.  I then had a fruit cup.  We are terrible about using left overs and I try really hard not to have any.

   I also did my Tai Chi tape while Rick was gone.  He did it with me the other day and we started giggling so much it wasn't much of a workout.

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