Saturday, October 22, 2005

Cold Day

  It is possibly going to snow tonight.  I have a crockpot full of  vegetable beef soup cooking and will talk Rick into making some sour dough bread in the the bread machine for supper.  It will be a challenge to get through the up coming winter without gaining weight.  I think it is a natural body function for people who live in cold weather to protect them from the cold.  I hope that since I joined the gym and am working out I will excape that this year.  I hate putting away my loose flowing blouses and getting out bulky sweaters and coats.  It instantly puts 10 pounds on me by the time I am ready to go outside. 

   My arthritis is kicking up big time after laying dorment for awhile.  I am taking Motrin 800 mg and slept with both my hand braces on last night and my knee brace so I would be in good enough shape to work out.  That is the challenge.  I hurt so bad and as a nurse I know the best thing for arthritis is to keep moving and keep exercising but as the person who is hurting I want  to take a pain pill and not move at all so I don't hurt.  My wrist is so painful this morning it feels broken.  The weird thing about arthritis is when it isn't flaring up you can be completely pain free!  My knee can go from feeling like bone on bone where every step is a killer and stairs are impossible to completely pain free where I can run up steps and not feel a thing.  Obviously the latter is the best.  It is 60% better with the weight off that I have lost already and can only get better the more I take off.  This is my biggest reason to lose weight.

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