Thursday, October 6, 2005

Pumping it up



My workout is getting smoother at the gym.  I ran across the man who I signed up with and when he asked how it was going I told him how disappointed I was in how hard it was to find trainers to help.  I suggested they should be wearing something to make them stand out and they should be looking for us new people and helping us out, not make us look around for them.  How hard would it be to since they take our pictures when we join the gym, to show it to all the trainers and let them know who is new.  It though that was a good idea and then introduced me to a trainer.  She had been working out everytime I was there.  How nice for her, gym membership for no cost!  I got the impression she was put off that I was interupting her workout.  Well excuse me.

  One of the girls at work is thinking of joining the gym  She has lost over 100 pounds and still has about 40 to go.  I hope she does so I have someone to workout with as my husband has still not gone.  All of a sudden all the chores that have been needing to be done are getting done.  I just need to stay motivated to go even if it is alone.

    I am still feeling under the weather today and still having that pain in my lower right side.  It really hasn't gotten worse, just nagging.  I wonder if it is adhessions again.  I notice my stomach has bruises all over from the adhessons ripping away from my abdominal wall.  The first few time that happened that is what the doctor said is happening because I have such bad adhessions.  Its painful also.  It does make it hard to keep going when I have such a sore tummy but hopefully it will stop eventually.

  I haven't eaten since 2 in the morning and it is 5:13 now so I am way behind plan.  I have drank a ton of water.  From now on I am off until Thursday so can get back in the daytime eating mode.  I eat healthier on my days off.

   OK, supper is over and I feel better,  I had one hot dog, minus the bun with a tsp of chili on it, a huge pile of steamed brocolli, 2 baby red potatoes with low fat margarine,  red lettuce with spinach salad with dried cranberries, walnuts and low fat raspberry vinegaratte dressing and for desert a carb freedom black raspberry bar.  I now am indulging myself for my long work week and having a Summit Great Northern Porter.  Heavenly and warmed to room temp to bring out the flavor.  Love porters and stouts in the cold fall and winter months.

  I just read this most amazing journal about this man walk across america to lose weight.  Check this out and send him your support.

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