Monday, October 10, 2005

Joy of Salads and Yoga


 Above is my wonderful lunch.  Start out with fresh baby spinach and red lettuce, add around 8 to 9 dried cranberries and about a tbsp crushed walnut. Add smoked deli turkey, around 3 slices torn in small peices and don't forget the shredded parmesian and fresh ground pepper.  I love Anne's Organic low fat Raspberry Vinegarette on top.  Anyone who says they can't stand to diet because they hate eating rabbit food is doing it wrong.  This is hands down better tasting then any junk food I can think of right now.  I never did eat fast food though.  I always ate good food, just to much and didn't exercise.  The ones who hate it and get bored probably eat iceburg lettuce with some carrots on the side and low fat italian dressing.  Pretty boring day in and day out.  Your salad should be a masterpiece.  Like something you would get served in a high end restarant.  Things I put in my salads.... Salmon, mandarine orange slices, mushrooms, red onion, peppers,( all colors), water packed tuna, pine nuts, grilled chicken breast, sprinkle in blue cheese in moderation.  Remember to count everything you add to your salad.  I never use croutons, any cheese but parmesian, iceburg lettuce, sunflower seeds, bacon bits and all the other items that turn your healthy meal into a high calorie fat packed bad meal.  Anyway the above salad was wonderful and very filling and look at the eye appeal.  I finished up with a pear because they are so wonderful right now.

  Yoga.  It looks so peaceful and relaxing when you see it in magazines.  I meditate everyday and thought it would be perfect for it.  The Truth!  It HURTS, it's HARD, I sweat.  I wanted to run when I got to the class and saw that nobody there had any body fat.  None.  Yikes what had I gotten myself into.  I think the instructor wears a size 2.  Some of the moves are impossible for someone of my size, my stomach is in the way.  However,  I did it and could see how it would help with my flexibility and strength.  No one made fun of me for not being able to do all the moves and by this time next year I will have alot less stomach so I am going to spend the rest of week practicing at home and talking myself into going next week.  Why don't they have Yoga for fat middle-aged women classes.  Sigh.  This too will get easier.  I did the treadmill for 15 minutes before my class and had planned on doing the weight circuit after the class but I was done in. 

   This is a very good site with so much information.  I visit it often to stay focased and to see what I have missed.  Weighed in today back at 209.6.  I am not expecting a loss this week as it seems everytime I add more exercise I stall for awhile.  The benifits out weight the temporary stall though.

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