Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Going Down


                                     My future body, yah right!

 I weighed in right after water aerobics and it was 206.5  I expect it will be up alittle in the morning because I seem to weigh the least amount right after my water class.  It must really burn the calories.  I really felt dehydrated in class today.  The water was to warm and we did a pretty good workout.  I had to get out twice to drink some water as I felt fuzzy headed .  I soaked in the hot tub between classes and then the water felt cooler.  I try not to drink much before the class or during it because it is a pain in the butt to get out and go and then to struggle into your wet suit.  That is why a two peice would be nicer.

  I started out with some oatmeal today and threw in some of the cranberries I have been putting in my salad and a few crushed walnuts.  Yummy.  For lunch I was out of lettuce and really had nothing on hand so I made a lean Cuinine.  I like them as far as a fast food because they are lower in sodium then most and they taste OK.  I have to go to the store as soon as my hair dries and get some groceries.  I would like to get some fruits for smoothies but have to wait until payday.  Lots of bills this check.  I need lettuce and some low fat peanut butter and I would like a couple more pears while they are still so good.  The last kiwi I got didn't taste so hot so I will skip them until payday.  We are having a bratswurst for supper.  I told Rick we should make our own.  I could use turkey and lean it down quite  abit.  We make our own sausage for  Christmas and have the right grinder to make it.  The ones from the store have to much fat and salt.  So we are planning on buying some casing and experimenting until we come up with a recipe that is tastyand low fat.

 Work tonight and I am taking the day off from the gym tomorrow to let my hands settle down.  My fingers are killing me and my wrist is swollen up.  It must be the weights.  Darn.  I have a ganglion cyst in my left wrist which has doubled in size since I started using the weights and is very painful.  I might have to give them up for awhile.  It is hard to get in shape when your arthritis keeps getting in the way.

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