Wednesday, October 12, 2005

4 whole ounces lost

  Well I suppose I should be happy because the gain I saw a few days ago is gone.  I weighed in this morning at 209 even.  Can I even count 4 ounces?  You bet chah.  Because by this time next week it will be lower.  The doctor thought my weight loss was really good, but I think it is so slow.  It was 5 months on the 8th.  33 pounds gone.  Don't get me wrong.  I am really happy with it but I really did think I could lose 10 pounds a month and that I would be down at least 50 pounds by now.  If I hadn't started this though I could possibly be 33 pounds heavier.  It is way easier packing it on then taking it off.  The rewards are zero though for packing it on and immense for taking it off.  Patience is needed here.

  I am going to the gym shortly to work out.  I am still sore but am looking foward to it.

  Well we are back from the gym, yes we, he went.  I thought it was so much fun to do it with someone but I think I had more fun then he did.  It made the time go so much faster.  I wish there was someway I could get him to really, really, really. want to go. I know one of the reasons he doesn't like gyms.  He doesn't care much for jocks.  He never was one for watching sports on tv and hates football.  If he had really liked that stuff, I wouldn't have liked him.  He likes the kind of stuff I like, hiking, biking, walking, camping, anything outdoors.   But neither of us like winter activities outside.  I hate being cold and he came from california so he is in a funk all winter long.  This will give me a way to stay fit all winter so we can just easily move our activity outside next spring.  I have mentioned that I would love to do RAGBRAI and I want to start doing the bike and setting it more on a incline so by next spring I can take my bike out from my house and ride.  My house is all uphill so if I go down, I have to go uphill, a steep hill at that.  In 2 years I want to go on RAGBRAI and am hoping my board friend Robin will go with me. 

  A weird thing!  I saw my cardiologist at the gym last week.  He was upset with me for not checking it out with them before I started this increased program.  So much for support there.  I just didn't feel like spending a few hundred dollars for them to tell me it was OK.  I told him I was taking it slow and knew enough, I am a cardiology nurse for petes sake, to be doing it safely and he backed off.  He did say I was looking good.

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