Monday, October 17, 2005

Great workout

   I got home at 7:15 am and slept until 1 then off to workout with Rick.  We really pushed it today.  Started out on the treadmill to loosen up and then to the circuit.  I increased my weight on most of the machines and really pushed it.  I did some I hadn't done before.  This time I remembered to stretch afterward as at Curves they said if you didn't stretch after you lose 15% of your workout.  I also tried a cross country ski machine and almost fell on my amble behind.  Couldn't get the swing of it.  We ended up working out about 1 hour and  45 minutes.  I think this is going to be a very good weigh in this week.  My hands though are killing me.  It is really aggrevating my arthritis.  I see some of the women wear gloves and maybe I'll have to even though I will feel silly.  I don't want to be crippled up.

  Way low on calories today so will make up for it at supper.  I can't wait until I get rid of this fat around my middle.  It is going but soooooooooooo slow.

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