Sunday, October 30, 2005

Glad that is over

   What a night.  To top it off the computers were down.  My wrist is still killing me.  One of the doctors looked at it last night and thinks I might have broken it.  That would explain why it hurts so much.  I am still wearing the brace and if it doesn't get better by my next stretch off I suppose I should have it xrayed.  

  My insurance company is trying to mess me around again for my surgery.  They want all this extra information which they know no one would have so they can deny me.  I sure wish we would get another insurance company.  This one is terrible.

   Ate on plan last night but Rick is making hamburgers for supper.  I eat mine plain and he got me some spinach salad and Annie's.

  I am off tomorrow and am going to go to the library and see if they have the GI diet books there.  I have been reading quite abit about it on the web and it sounds healthy, not trendy.  I will have to give up my beloved rice cakes but I need to jump start my weight loss again or I will never get my new charm.

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