Monday, October 3, 2005

The Gym

     I am getting ready to go to the gym for the first time to work out on the machines, alone as my DH says he has to fix the furnace but I don't see him down there working.  I am nervous.  I hope there is someone there to show me how to use them the first time.  I will post more when I get home.

    Well I am back from the gym.  Just when you thought you were getting in pretty good shape you start a new exercise program and whammo, back to being in terrible shape.  I was first off upset that I couldn't find a trainer and I picked a busy time to go.  I thought it would be quiet around 1 but it wasn't.  I didn't know what they would recommend starting off on so I started with the recumbent bike for 10 minutes.  Not much I know but I wanted to try various machines.  Next I did the treadmill for 10 minutes.  I had to ask the person next to me how to turn it on, duh.  That went pretty good but I was surprised when I got off I had trouble with my balance.  I had to grab hold so I didn't make a fool of myself and fall.  From there I tried the epilitcal (sp) thing I had heard about.  The older then me lady who was using it before I got on had just done about 20 minutes.  In 5 minutes I was pretty miserable.  My heart started getting pretty irregular again so I quit after 5 and did a walk around until my heart slowed down.  Then I did the regular bike for 15 minutes.  They were doing a class on the circuit and you can't use them while they have class so I decided to call it a day.  I am upset not to have found anyone to tell me if I was starting out the right way or doing to much, to little etc... but I will try a different time tomorrow and be more aggressive about finding help.  I must admit to being a bit put off my some young hard bodies there and felt uncomfortable.  Darn my husband for not going with me.

 I collect art pottery and here are 2 nice little items I picked up.  Aren't they neat.

 This is a McCoy Acorn and leaves Jardiniere from 1920.  Looks great with my jade tree.

  Here is a Roseville Vase from 1942 in the Foxglove pattern.

   It is now after supper and the lower right abdominal pain I have been having off and on all day is getting more insistent.  I sure hope it isn't my appendix?  If it gets worse I will have to go to OPD.  The last time I had pain like this they told me I had a large mass in my abd.  Pretty scary.  I hope I don't get news like that again.


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