Saturday, October 8, 2005

My sore Tummy

   I have been having pain in my lower right side since in the middle of the night monday at work.  It is off and on and kind of nagging.  It bothered me while I was working out but sometimes it doesn't hurt at all.  Today it is bothering me worse and I am feeling sick to my stomach.  I am afraid I will have to be making a trip to OPD and hope and pray it isn't my appendix.  I think it might be more adhesions which isn't good also.  It is starting to affect my sleep so I think I should get it looked at.  Guess I'll call the doc and she what she thinks.

  Well, back from urgent care with good news, bad news,  The good news, not appendix so no surgery.  I was worried about how that would affect my exercising.  The bad news is it is probably adhessions.  Not much they can do about it.  If the pain get real bad they can go in and cut some out but they eventually will come back.  I also found out something that really upset me.  I am not sure why but I think because it is my body and no one bothered to tell me.  The Doc said my xrays show around 6 staples in my belly.  He asked is I had ever had abdominal surgery.  Oh Yah.  Interestingly they are located right of my belly button where ever since my exploratory lap I have been having this tearing pain.  I even made my doctor xray me a few weeks after surgery to make sure they hadn't left something in accidently.  Don't laugh, it happened to my husbands aunt.  They said there was nothing there at that time and then now I find out there are staples there,  What for?  I had my ovaries removed and a hernia repair, why staples there.  I decided to call Iowa City and ask for a copy of my operative report.  I guess I want to know why they are there so I can come to terms with the pain I have always had there for the last 3 years since surgery.  Don't you think they would mention that?  I only found out they repaired a hernia during that surgery by reading my bill, the doctor never mentioned it.

  Anyway I took some Motrin and will just have to live with this new pain.  The good news is he said to rest a few days and then I can take my yoga class Monday.


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