Friday, October 14, 2005


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 World Kindness week, November 7 - 13. World Kindness Day is Sunday, November 13

    A good thing to remember.  I am a member of the acts of kindness site.  You can't go wrong being kind to someone and it doesn't cost anything but a smile.  Pass it on.

   I have been having trouble with my hands all week.  I had surgery on my right hand last year for carpel tunnel and trigger fingers and had a growth removed from my middle finger joint and it took me a long time to work the stiffness out.  I have carpel tunnel in my left hand also and was going to have surgery on that one but am not happy with the results on my right so decided to live with it.  Anyway my hands have been swollen and painful since last Monday.  I think it may have been the yoga since I spend so much time holding myself up with my hands.  That is what one of the Doctors at work thinks may have happened also.  Either that or gripping the weights when I work out.  He suggested holding off on the yoga or just doing the exercises that don't involve holding my body off the floor.  That is quite a few of the exercises.  I don't know what to do.  I may hold off on the yoga and increase my water aerobics during that hour until I am down another 40 pounds.  I don't want to mess my hands up permanently.  Also where they removed the growth it is really swelling and it possible it is coming back.  It was a giant cell tumor and they can recur.

  I have been really watching what I am eating and am cutting down some non-essential things I got into the habit of eating like Special K bars.  They pack on the calories.  Replacing them with grapes or a can of V8 is much better for me.  For supper tonight I am making chicken fajitas.  They are fairly low in calories and very filling.  I love, love, love, refried black beans and they aren't bad in the nutrition scale.  Anyway.  Off to make supper. 

    Here is an excellent link to download if you want.  I found it while looking for some yoga moves to download.  I am going to do the yoga here where I can pick and choose the ones that save my hands.


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