Sunday, October 9, 2005


  I woke up this morning and meditated.  I concentrated on putting the pain in my stomach someplace deep inside where it wouldn't bother me anymore.  I have done that with my back pain at times so I can cope with it.  Of course now since I have been exercising so much it isn't bothering me as much.  Much better then drugs.  I visualized the painful area getting smaller and smaller until it was smaller then a pea.  That size pain I can deal with.  Followed it up with some mindful breathing and am feeling much more relaxed.  My bedroom is a very comforting room for me to meditate in.  The colors are calming and I like all the things in there.  They please my eye.  The dresser I dragged home from an auction in terrible shape.  I stripped it and bleached it and stained it and it is beautiful now.  The picture my brother painted for me.  The beautiful tapestry I bought at an auction by a talented local artist after 9-11.  All the proceed were for the victims family's and I love it.   The colors aren't quite true in the pictures, the room is softer.

   I had a slim fast for breakfast, a low fat wrap for lunch with a red pear.  We are going for a bike ride as my muscles are screaming for it.  I need to exercise and we have only a few days left to ride the bikes.  I am bringing, besides the water, some figs to much on during the ride.  Gives me energy and will be my midday snack.




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