Thursday, March 15, 2007

Much better


    I used to meditate twice a day.  It helped keep me centered and on track with my dieting.  Kept my blood pressure low and helped me tolerate being in chronic pain.  For some reason I haven't done it for quite awhile.  I can tell.  My blood pressure is up again, obviously pretty grumpy at times, SORRY, and my pain tolerance has decreased.  So after my grumpy ole post this morning I decided I needed to get centered again.  I did my entire 30 minute meditation working on getting my breathing relaxed and working the kinks out of my body.  Getting centered.  And I feel better.  I will not let up on it again.   I will still be taxed to death, it will still anger me, but I won't let it affect my health.

   So after meditating and feeling so much better we did chores.  As usual I left most of them for today.  Terrible me I didn't do my homework either yesterday.  It seemed more important to enjoy the weather, :^)  So I mailed a package and visited my MIL.  She is still doing poorly.  The meds they put her on made her so sick she isn't eating well.  If we don't bring her meals I am afraid she wouldn't eat at all.  She is so weak.  I told her again to take her boost drinks 3 times a day.  It was like I had never told her that before.  She started her laundry but couldn't finish it.  So I finished her laundry and once again I talked to her about getting an apartment where everything is one on floor or moving in with us.  Then she has a million excuses and says "Oh its not to that point yet"!  Oh Yah?



   They started her on a new medication for her stomach pain she is suppose to take once a day.  She hadn't taken it.  When I asked her why she said she couldn't read the instructions clearly.  Did it say to take one a day or once a day!  For Pete's sake means the same thing!  So back home to meditate again.  Ommmmmmmm.   I will be calm, I will be calm.....I will be calm.


   Its beautiful out today and I just saw hundreds of geese flying overhead.  Makes my heart soar.  I saw a plant peaking its head out of the ground.  A bright burst of green.  Looking out my side window I no longer see snow.  My tylenol kicked in, my mediation kicked in, and I am feeling better.  So work should go well.  Hopefully my neck will settle down. 



    I get down sometimes because it is always one thing after another.  I get maybe a couple of days of feeling good and then something else rears its ugly head.  But it could be worse.  Reading everyone's journals with all the cancer and sadness it could definitely be worse.  I am blessed to do as good as I do.  Some days I amaze myself and my doc just shakes her head.  She told me to go part time 12 years ago and can't believe how I just keep on ticking.  Well you know what.   Life's too short to spend in bed.     



radar446 said...

Life is too short to spend in bed...or grumpy.  I'm glad that you have found your center and are feeling a bit better about things.


kirkbyj05 said...

Ah! Julie.   We all need a safety valve release now and then. Your amongst friends...why can't you let rip now and then...hmmm? What you spoke of this morning made sense to me anyway. I whole heartedly agreed with you. I'm sorry about your MIL.  She does sound poorly.  Maybe you should just force her hand if possible and get her to come and stay with you whether she likes it or not?  Poor angel...trying to cope on her own.  She is so brave and independent...isn't she?
Stay well yourself and enjoy the firt signs of spring.  We here in England are in for snow....did you send it here?  Lol!  Jeanie

quiltsnroses said...

Glad you are fitting some meditation time back into your day.  I go for a little walk everyday with my dog and if I miss a day, I really get out of sorts so I guess it is a bit of a meditation for me.  Don't beat yourself up about taking a little time to enjoy the weather--You are an angel for taking care of your MIL and you certainly deserve to enjoy a little nice weather.

jckfrstross said...

keeping you in prayer:) hope your pain level drops and MIL will start to take her meds that doesn't sound good


springangel235 said...

Now I have knee problems and can relate to your pain.  Hope each day is better for you...have a great the photo of Fluffy!  Hope her tummy pain is gone too...
Hugs and love,

ladeeoftheworld said...

Pain is so personal.  Until you have had chronic pain, I don't think you can understand.  Keep up the good work caring for yourself!

cacklinrosie101 said...

Meditation really works?  I should really try it.  They offer a class at lunch time in our building.  It would keep me away from the food also.  I know what you mean about each day adding to the load.  I tend to procrastinate and fuss more and more as I get older.  I get so edgy if there is a calm day because I'm waiting for the storm.  Hang in there...Chris

inquestoftruth said...

Don't you think attitude has a lot to do with it?    Yours is great.....even with the occasional "rant"  lol    But you always hit the nail right on the head with your rants!   keep 'em coming.