Thursday, March 1, 2007




          It's Thursday morning and we are in the middle of blizzard type weather.  They only expect us to get 3 inches today and 2 more tomorrow on top of the 10 inches we got the other day, but the blowing snow on top of the ice is what is going to be so bad.  They are closing the interstates and it looks like it will be really bad.  So of course I have to work tonight and nurses don't get the option of calling in.  If you can't make, they come get you. 

    I have gone in snow mobiles, all wheel drives, I have spent 3 days at work before because they get you there, but they have a problem getting you home.  They closed interstate 29 which I have never NEVER heard of before.  So it is bad bad bad.  I am so sick of it.  Isn't today the first day of March.  Comes in like a lion......goes out like a lamb, well the lion is roaring today.


   I spend yesterday listing jewelry.  I hate taking pictures of jewelry.  Greg, try taking good clear pictures of rhinestones which insist on picking up the flash in a million little bursts of light.  For every 20 pictures I took 2 turned out.  I have so many more to list today and have already sold a couple so it does do well this vintage costume jewelry.  A lot of it is my mother in laws.  I sell it for her and told her to buy boost with it.  Makes her happy.

  She is still not feeling well, nauseated all the time so the doc is thinking about scoping her.  I told her to schedule it on a day I am off so we shall see.

   I have packages to mail but obviously that will have to wait.  All winter with hardly any snow and then boom, Feb. hits and snow snow snow.  So, is it snowing where you live?



kirkbyj05 said...

We are in for snow this weekend Julie.  Already it is sitting on top of the fells here in the English Lakes. I can look out onto the fells from my windows and it looks really bitterly cold up there on the tops. This morning it lashed with rain and wind so our March came in like a Lion too.  We have the primroses and daffodils out already and new buds are appearing on the trees and climbers.  Spring is here, even if the weather wants to say different.  I loved your unassembled snowmen tag...may I snag it please?   I just laughed myself silly at this one.   I so want to pass it on to my family to let them see it.  Its brilliant.   The last tag is fab too!   Yuck!! I'm still smiling from ear to ear as I write.
Sorry to hear your MIL is still feeling poorly.  Bless her! I hope she perks up soon.
Take care on the roads, be it snowmobile, four wheel drives or skis...Lol!  Stay warm and safe.....Jeanie.

blazensun said...

No Julie it isn't snowing here but I wish it was I love the snow. Hope you MIL is better soon she has been ill for some time. Wish you could send some snow my way.All we got was some rain.Be careful getting to work.

lanurseprn said...

WOW I can't believe they'd come get you in a blizzard!  I guess if the RN's can't make it in their regular cars they'll take care of ya.  It'd be fun to go in a snowmobile!  
As far as staying for 3 long as I didn't have to cook and had a warm shower, fresh scrubs, and a warm bed, I'd be good. Wouldn't bother me at all.   I'd rather do that then brave the winter storm.
Hope your MIL is feeling better soon.  Stay warm and safe.

jlocorriere05 said...

Do you use a polarizer filter for jewellery, that may help take the glare off it. Sorry your weather has turned so awful, seems like the whole of the US is having a late winter. Hopw you don't get stuck at work tonight! Jeannette xx