Friday, March 16, 2007

It's Friday

  Work went nice and fast.  One day down.  Had some interesting patients.  Worked with the group of nurses that is so fun to work with.  Makes the night go fast.  I told my boss I hadn't got my classes finished.  "I suppose you'll want to give a 3 day suspension starting now, Right"?  LOL.  "No"...she said, "I could work the weekend and she'll bring the test for me on Monday", Gee how nice.

   Its cold here again and they are talking that dreaded white stuff!  How can that be.  I am so finished with winter.  I don't want the snow back.  Looking back in my journal though I see we had snow up until the 20th.  So it could come back.  Darn.

    Did I tell you about the sleeping pills?  I asked my doc for some sleeping pills as when you have trouble sleeping when you do 12 night shifts it can be a problem.  No problem she said.  Last ones she gave me lasted about 3 months so she knows I don't over do it.  Pharmacy said though they can't fill it until my insurance approves it.  What!.. My doctor approved it.... prescribed it... what do they have to do about it?  What do they know about how I will take it.  What business is it of theirs, I pay my huge premium.  So now I wait and see.  Ticks me off.  Otherwise I have done my meditation, getting ready for my shower.  Have one cup of coffee in and life is good.




radar446 said...

I do understand your frustration with the insurance company.  I've been dealing with my Mom's for months now and they are about to drive me nuts.  Like you said, the doctors say she needs it, she has the prescription, but the insurance always has issues with what she is being prescribed.  Oh well, nothing is simple in the medical field.


quiltsnroses said...

Love the picture of the ducks!  Yeah, insurance companies love to play doctor.  I worked for them for 30 years and I have worked for doctors too, as a medical transcriptionist.  Insurance started getting more power in the medical field when they started the ppo's and the hmo's I think, and now they have gotten carried away.  Hope you get your meds-nothing is worse than having to get up and work a long shift with no sleep.  I had a gorgeous walk in the morning fog today.  Have a great day!

kirkbyj05 said...

I'm so glad we have the National Health system over here in Britain. I would worry myself into an early grave if I had to deal with medical insurance companies etc;  They sound so interfering!  Our forecast says snow for the beginning of the week.  Possibly some on Sunday?...oh well!  We had snow on the twelfth of March last year.  I remember it, as it fell on my daughter-in-laws birthday. It stayed deep for almost a week, left, and came back again the following week just as thick.  I suppose we have to take our share of it some time.  Love the ducks in the picture Julie.  Hope you get a good night's sleep when you need it.

jlocorriere05 said...

I couldn't be dealing with medical insurance Julie! As Jeanie said, it's good to have a health service that deals with everything! I hope your weekend is a good one and no more snow! Jeannette xx  

cacklinrosie101 said...

We have 8-10 inches of white stuff here.  It's not unusual for Pa. to have snow into April but I hate it more each year.

I haven't slept well at all since I went into menopause.  Hope you gets those meds soon.  Chris