Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring is officially here


  You know what?  Absolutely none of my male patients ever look like that.  I think the men above are all computer generated.  Like the old movie Looker.  Not real.  They probably have had ab implants and butt implants.  I guess I'll take the real thing any day.  Especially since I am 100% real thing.  Oh Yah, you sexy thang! more night.  I might survive.  Got my sleeping pill.  Won the battle, but not a great night sleep yet.  Plus just about had heart failure when I saw the price!  How can they justify that.  Had to get the plain ambiem.  Only slept until 2:30.   Better, 6 hours, but I dream of an 8 hour night of sleep.

   Rick went to the doctors the other day.  They increased his heart med as he had A-fib twice a week apart.  We will see if that helps.And is mother is doing better then she has all year.  Back to her old self.  Getting her off that cholesterol med seems to have done the trick.

     Yesterday was the official first day of spring.  Fog so heavy and wet you could barely see to drive home.  Robins singing so loud outside my window the thrill started getting a tad old.  OK OK, sounds pretty, now scram!


   Spring smells better then winter.  I can smell the dirt again.  Warm heavy earthy smell calling...calling....calling me.   Plant some flowers....plant some flowers.....plant some flowers.  Put in a garden....come out and play.

   Isn't it terrible about the pet food.  A couple of girls at work are really worried about their pets.  Now they wish they had bought dog food from me.  I am glad my food wasn't affected.   I researched a long time before I settled on Flint River Ranch but unfortunately this could happen with any food, no matter how good if it gets a contaminate.  Depending on what the cause turns out to be.  I hope no one in J-Land has a pet that is sick because of it.


   I was charge last night for 4 hours.  I have become a creature of habit.  It messes me up to have my routine messed up.   I want to go, get my assignment, go see my patients and plan my night.  In that order.  Is that a sign I am getting older?  The advantage of coming in at 7 though is I get to examine them and introduce myself before they have fallen asleep.  I hate having to wake them up after they just feel asleep.  But, hey, its my job.

  Well, I am off to read some alerts and down more coffee.




radar446 said...

Yep spring is here, just got in from mowing the yard....oh joy!!


jckfrstross said...

have a good evening:)


bethjunebug said...

Handsome men! Hubba! Hubba!
Have a beautiful day!
God Bless,
Liz in Va.

inquestoftruth said...

you probably couldn't stand it if your male patients looked that way!  lol    I love flowers!!  If I weren't so lazy, I'd have more of them.....
Good news about MIL and hopefully Ricks new med schedule will keep him from giving you all the news before coffee!    I think I'd hit Ole Boy for doing that!   lol

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad Rick has his meds sorted out now and his mum is doing better without the cholestrol meds. Yup, springs here, now send in the sunshine someone! Have a good weekend! Jeannette xx