Wednesday, March 28, 2007



        Well, its early and dark out.   I am sipping my coffee and getting ready for the day.


       We are taking my MIL to the doctor again this morning.  Now all of a sudden we have relatives coming out of the woodwork telling me we aren't doing enough for her.  I should be making her appointments, cleaning her house, making her do the things she needs  to do.           


          Ok, he stays with my MIL for 1 day and is telling us stuff we know and have been doing for months.  He calls all the other relatives and have them call us and tell us what to do.  I start wondering what the hell dear ole mom's been telling them.  Sigh.  Butt out people.  We are doing all those things.


   This was all after I got some terrible news about my neice.   I was upset anyway.  But I was able to tell myself they were just concerned and count to 10.  Ommmmmmm.


     So hopefully we will get some things done today.  They won't just give her more pills and send us on our merry way.  They will listen to us and check some more things out.  We won't spend over $100 dollars for them to say it was just because she is getting very old.  I haven't made any plans other then that today.

    I did get to talk to my brother yesterday which was nice.  I don't get to talk to him often and then his phone screwed up so I couldn't call him.  He is trying to get it fixed from his end.  And I have a head pain for 2 days that is getting me annoyed.  So the day isn't starting good which means is can only be all up hill from here.....right?



madcobug said...

Whoa! Let the ones who are complaining help do the work. So why should all her care be left up to you and hubby. Mostly you I suppose. Just tell them to come on over and help take care of her instead of complaining. Clean her house while they are caring for her. Your headache may be coming from all that tension they are causing. Good luck at the Doctors today. I have to take Ken to see his surgeon today. That will mean a lot of sitting because you do not walk in and out at this place. A long wait it is. I am just praying for a short wait period. Helen

inquestoftruth said...

Don't that just chap your rear when folks who haven't been doing anything decide you aren't doing enough!!  grrrr        Some doctors just don't want to spend any time with patients, do they?     It's just too easy to say, "she's old" "or lose some weight"  and go "NEXT."   But I know you won't let that happen.     I think I'd like to be a fly on the wall if the good doc tries that with you.

kirkbyj05 said...

Pretty please!  Pretty please!  I'll talk...I'll talk!   Just don't shoot the duck!  Puuuuuleaaaase?
Seriously tho'...
Family!  Sometimes I think friends are better family to least we get to choose them....Lol!
It's always the way matter where you live in the world...I suppose. The one who is always to hand and 'beck and call' is always the baddie when it comes to those who just pay lip service.  Just go on as you are doing.  Your care and concern is there for all of us to see because you tell us as it is, regularly, in your journal.  Maybe if your family members kept in touch more they would understand, as we do now, through reading all your entries on your MIL.
Tell them you will stick a broom handle where the sun don't shine and tapdance on the roof if it will make them happy.... but they've got to do it first.  Lol!
ssssssssss.....having a Hissssy fit!  
I reckon I have had too much coffee....Lol!  
Stay calm Julie and do what you have to do...Ooooooom!    Ooooooom!
Good luck with her at the doctors.

daddyleer said...

This 'awareness' stage of care and/or need can be a melt down for family and friends. It has been my experience that physicians rarely have an overview of anyone's care needs, they see a patient, a file, and then the next appointment. The holistic picture is fragmented until the designated caregiver evolves. It is kind and wise of you to accompany her. It seems she can use an advocate.

rdautumnsage said...

As far as Dr. appts. go, I can honestly say sit on them till they talk to you and actually do what they went to school for. Then there are the relatives, simply state the fact - It's easy to play the advocate once in a blue moon, tell them to try it on a daily basis. Actually why are they not helping you and your husband? It's suppose to be a family not a one man band. I hear what you do for your MIL and the worry you have for her on a daily basis. I don't recall hearing about them doing anything. I agree the headaches may be stress induced. (Hugs) Try to take some me time and quite frankly just tell the rest to go to hell right now. Love Ya

rdautumnsage said...

I was so furious with your relatives, I forgot to tell you I love these little graphics you put up today. Too cute!! (Hugs) Indigo

cacklinrosie101 said...

Relatives can be so judgmental but then where in the heck are they?  You know what you do and how much you do for your MIL.  That's all that matters but it is annoying to say the least.  Hope all is ok with your neice.  chris

jlocorriere05 said...

Relatives always think they know best and n=know exactly how to care for the family members so where have they been all these years? Sitting back and letting you do it! I'd tell them if they can do better I'd step aside and let them do it, otherwise butt out and let you get on with it! I know how frustrating it is, I've done it with my MIL, got stories that are hard to believe about her attention seeking ways! You've done your best for her and that's what the family should remember. Jeannette xx  

lanurseprn said...

You are more patient than I am. I'd be so angry!  They are the ones who need to pitch in more!  UGH!