Sunday, March 25, 2007


   OK, I realize its a winter picture but I played with it in PSP and liked the way it turned out.  Don't you?

   Sunday already.  I spent most of yesterday listing a few items in the shop and watching the rain.  Boring day but necessary.  Talked to my MIL and saw how her day was going.  Could be better.  Watched a movie last night and that was my day.

   Today the sun is shining but it is still pretty wet out.  Just this one rain has caused everything to pop.  It looks green out now instead of the beige and browns I have seen all winter.  What a nice change it is.  I bought some bulbs yesterday to plant.  I think it will be OK for those now.

   I see the first class action law suits have started from the pet food deaths.  Some lawyers are going to get rich over this and the poor pet owners will get a dollar.  Don't even get me started on class action law suits.  I have done my morning meditation and want to stay calm.

   One thing that doesn't have me real calm.  We have a public mail box 2 blocks away because I live on a used to be gravel road.  It used to be gravel because I spent a fortune on gravel for it and the city grated my road once a week when it wasn't necessary and put all my gravel in the ditches.  You can now drive in my ditch but not on the road because it is too muddy.  But.....calm here Julie....Ommmmmmmm. 

   OK where was I?  Oh yes, my mail.  2 days ago the mailman left me a box.  Something I won off ebay.  A teapot.  Can't wait to see it.....but wait I will have to do.  Why?  The key doesn't work.  We couldn't get it to work, the mailman couldn't get it to work.  So my lovely teapot is trapped in the box.  Who knows when they will come to fix it and what they will have to do to open it.  From the looks of it the mailman tried everything short of TNT.  Sure glad I insured it and if the post damages it they had sure better give me back everything including postage.  Well, actually is classified a coffee pot.  Here is what it will look like if I get it.


   I am listening to public radio this morning.  Their doom and gloom and we're all gonna die broadcasting.  Sure hope it doesn't happen before my new bulbs come up so I can see the new flowers.  Hope the sun doesn't get too hot, the meteor doesn't hit us, the global warming helps my plants, the carbon emissions don't pollute the litter filled ponds and crack my bike trail, and the bird flu just sticks with the really ugly over populated birds, like say pigeons.  No....come to think of it I like pigeons.  Oh well.  Hope it stays sunny and all will be OK.  For today at least.

   Thought I would show a picture of my MIL and hubby.  You all hear about her.  Here is her sweet self.

                                 Have a great day all.



nightmaremom said...

I love what you did with the picture... it looks great!!!
Have a grand day.. and can't wait to see your teapot.

candlejmr said...

As much as I DO NOT like winter and as happy as I am to see the snow GO AWAY...I really loved the picture.  BEAUTIFUL!


coelha said...

I hope your new Spring bulbs survive too!  Public Radio?  Not a good channel to listen to if you suffer depression I suppose.  Cute picture of your hubby and mother in-law--she looks like a happy woman.  Julie :)

kirkbyj05 said...

I love the teapot!  I have a bowl somewhere with similar flowers on it.  I must take a wee look and seei f they are the same type of pattern. I have never played around in PSP.  my son gave me a new update...PSP 9 I think.  But I haven't got around to deleting the old one and uploading that one.  Hmmm....I might just play around with it soon if I can do what you have just done with your super picture above.  It's smashing!
Lovely to put faces to names...don't you think  It becomes more personal when you read about folks again.  Thanks for sharing your hubby and yur MIL's photo. They look wonderful.   Jeanie

lanurseprn said...

I like the picture!  And I hope you receive your teapot safely.  The pic of Rick and MIL is good, too. Have a good weekend.

jckfrstross said...

great pictures:) enjoy your sunday


cacklinrosie101 said...

Love the photo but you did have me going for a minute thinking it snowed again your way.  Love what you did with it.  

Our vet has at least two dozen sick animals from that food and two deaths.  Unbelievable how widespread it is but I still wouldn't sue.  Makes me wonder about it having rat poison in it though.

LOL...hope you do get to see your bulbs bloom before ground zero.  Chris

rdautumnsage said...

I wish it where warm enough here to plant my garden. But alas that probably won't be until early May. We have a short season here in NY. Loved the pics. Hope your able to get your Teapot without any damage. I know all about the idiots when it comes to gravel roads. We have the small stones in our driveway and the plows hit the base of our driveway and up into our yard they end up going. Ugh!! Thats going to be one fine mess to straighten up besides the gravel that is lining the outside of the driveway from shoveling. (Hugs) Indigo

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope you get to see your bulbs flower before we all blow up! Maybe the blast would open your mailbox and release the teapot! I hope the mailman can sirt it out for you! Great pic of the snow and of your MIL and Rick, bless her! Have a good week, the buds are slowly opening up here and we have traces of green too. Jeannette xx