Thursday, March 1, 2007

OMG, this is so funny

  We have all been hearing lately about your carbon footprint and how to change your carbon offset, now some funny person with a great sense of sarcastic humor has an ebay sell going selling carbon offsets,  Oh my God I am laughing my butt off.  What a scam, I LOVE IT.   Wish I had thought of it first.  This is just so rich.  My god what in world is the world coming too. 

   So I started searching the web.  You can calculate what your carbon footprint is at this site.  You can find ways to lower your carbon footprint at this site, and I can't help but notice that award winning Al Gore breaks everyone of the carbon footprint saving tips in his junkets around the world telling us, the little people, how to save the planet.  This is hysterical.   And it turns out the company to store your carbon footprint was founded by Al Gore!  So the money you pay to buy more carbon footprints goes to this nut.  The money he pays goes to his company!  What a conflict of interest that would be if it was a doctor.

   So if your feel like a good laugh or if you want to buy some carbon offset check these sites out.  And if you agree with what you read I have some carbon offset for sale, cheap, really, just a thousand dollars and I will sell you some of my carbon offset so you can increase yours.

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cacklinrosie101 said...

This is too hysterical.  I've been reading that one of the biggest ways to save on the impact of energy on the environment is to go with solar heating.  Blah, we'd freeze here in Pa.  There is nil to none sunshine in the winter months and Pittsburgh has more cloudy days in the nice months than most areas.  Loved the EBay site.  What a hoot!  Chris