Monday, March 5, 2007

Help, we're melting!


    Well we had over 20" briefly but at the rate it is melting it will soon be gone.  I might be able to see my wood pile soon and the cars are peaking out of the snow.  Good riddance I say, LOL

   I stayed home from work yesterday.  I don't know if you remember me saying apples were giving me really bad canker sores.  So I switched to oranges because I like having fresh fruits.  Well now I have canker sore all over in my mouth.  And for some reason that is making me sick.  My glands are swollen and I am running a temp.  This happened the last time I had these canker sores this bad from the apples.  What's up with this.  Am I allergic to the acidic acid?  They never used to bother me.  I love fresh fruit except for banana's.  They probably wouldn't bother me.  So any idea?  I have asked the doctors, they send me to the dentist who tells me to see my doctor.  So I started L-lysine again hoping to get them gone.  It is sooooo painful.  And I will have to get to like canned fruit.  I wonder if next it will be strawberries, I LOVE strawberries.

    A friend of mine died today.  He had been sick for a long time with cancer.  He put up an amazing fight.  Years ago he taught me how to be an EMT.  He was in my WNSC, (Wednesday Night Social Club).  I remember smashing a cream pie in his face on his birthday, It was a tradition of the WNSC.  Worked with him for 27 years.  So my heart is heavy today.  I know he is working at getting his wings to lay nice and trying out flying today.  We well miss you new angel. Our loss is Heavens gain.

   Last night I was feeling feverish. Yucky.  The radio was playing away over and over Hiliary's speech.  I am really sorry if you like her but personally, her voice is like nails on a chalk board to me.  I thought is was extremely insulting the way she did her southern voice when she went to talk. A southern black voice at that!  

   I don't care for her.  You stand by your man except when your man continues to humiliate you time and time again with open affairs.  When you man convinces you to perjure yourself you don't don't stand by him.  When your the mother of a daughter you don't set that type of example.  I would have respected her much more had she booted his sorry butt out and taught her daughter how to be a strong proud woman.  Forgive him once, maybe even twice, but repeatedly, bailiff wack his pee pee.  My opinion and if you like her sorry.  My mom earned my respect by leaving a man like that, not staying and being his rug mat for years.

   Sells are going pretty good for on-line and considering how new my shop is.  I am getting more hits daily.  I am sick and tired of listing jewelry so will go back to china, books and pottery for awhile.  But all in all I am happy with the way it is going.  I still want to find a partner so Friday I will go to where I sold before and ask if she knows anyone who would want to go in on it with me.

   Tomorrow I have to be better.  I can not miss work because we will be having some new people and will need the strength.  ended yesterday running again to a code.  My poor knee hasn't got a prayer, LOL.  If it didn't hurt we wouldn't have any codes.


rdautumnsage said...

The snow can melt all it wants, I am truly tired of snow this season. As for the canker sores, the only idea I have isn't quite a good one, since the entire purpose for fruit is to have something without suger. I put suger in my spaghetti sauce to break down the acidic content of the tom.  Perhaps cutting the fruit in very small pieces so when you eat it , it won't touch your lips. I was sorry to hear about the death of your friend . Cancer is an evil disease. Now his suffering is finished, and I believe your right he probably is trying to get the hang of flying by now. (Hugs) Indigo

kirkbyj05 said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend Julie.   Cancer is one scary ailment to suffer from.  I know because it visited me.  May God give your friends some really good high flying wings to soar with.
Its unbelievable what fruit is doing to you now.  I will watch and listen out for anything that might help you. I remember being given Diflam for mouth ulcers caused by my chemo.  That was an anaesthetic rinse too. Have you heard of that?
 Cheer up...the snow is going and that's one mighty amount of snow outside your front door. How anybody got out and about amazes me!  Brilliant icicles too.....
Thank you for sharing your piccy's  Jeanie

therealslimemmy said...

so sorry to hear of your friend. i hope your canker sores heal  quickly those are always so painful!
take care

candlejmr said...

They are saying we might have ACCUMULATING snow here on Wed.  NO FREAKING WAY!  I am so done with this whole winter thing! (lol)

Whenever I get those canker sores in my mouth it means I have a virus of some sort in my sytem.  They really do hurt like hell, don't they????


radar446 said...

Sorry about your friend, but it seems like he has touched your life a good bit, so he will not be forgotten.  Wow, I couldn't have picked a better month to talk about Life After Death in Photo Trek.  Seems like a lot of people have lost someone close to them lately.  I know you will miss him, unlike the snow.  Take it easy on that knee.


lanurseprn said...

Hi Julie.  I'm glad your snow is melting.  Maybe during Springtime when you eat more fruit you can take Valtrex or something like that for cold sores. It might help.
I agree with you on Hillary.  She just needs to disappear.  I can't respect her anymore either.  And I'm sure ol' Bill is still doing his shenanigans, we just don't hear of it now.
Sorry about your friend.  I'm sure he's up there like you said trying to fly.
Hope you feel better,  Pam

jckfrstross said...

sorry to hear about your friend:( i agree with you on Hilary i can't believe she want to be president again! she had her turn when bill was in office, we all know she ran it he didn't. LOL you can keep the snow we have had enough ok lol no more codes or you will be in the hospital having surgery


jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad your snow is melting fast! I don'yt like Hilary Clinton either, if my man had done what he'd done there's no way I'd still be with him! Sorry your knee is still hurting and I'm so sorry your friend died too. It's so sad to see someone go like that. I hope you can find some fruit that suits you, can't imagine life without it! Jeannette xx  

daddyleer said...

I'm sorry for you loss. Loosing a friend seems to spin everything out of sync for me. Patrick    

erarein63 said...

Ouch!  I have no idea why the apples are causing the canker sores.  Now oranges I can see since they are a citris fruit.  Ironically, Vit C is known to help in the healing process, as well as black tea (place a bag on the sore or I guess you could just suck on it since they are in your mouth, lol), mylanta, peroxide (don't swallow), etc.  What David has done for people is mix mylanta and benadryl to swish and swallow (i can get you the exact concentration if you are interested).  I don't think antiviral meds will work, though.  Oh, you might try some yogurt or Orabase or Zilactin (otc).  And you know, strawberries may indeed irritate the situation.  But do you think it is true canker sores and not something like stomatitis?  Canker sores do not usually illicit a fever, but stomatitis will.  Just a thought.

I certainly do NOT like Hilary.  She makes me very sick to my stomach.  I know she will never be President, but just the thought that she may actually come dangerously close makes me ill.

I'm so sorry about your friend.  My you find comfort in the fact that his body is now whole and without pain.

Hope you feel better!  De ;)

springangel235 said...

So sorry to read about your friends death...he sounded like a very nice gentleman.  You have a huge amount of snow that needs to the photos...hope you feel better also, hugs,

cacklinrosie101 said...

I just cannot believe how much snow you had....whoo.  We are expecting about 6 inches tomorrow but nothing like you had.

My BF get canker sores from viruses.  He usually ends ups getting sick.  As soon as he starts to feel better, the canker sore starts to heal.    Chris