Monday, March 19, 2007

Good Morning


      Actually I like Monday's.  I am always off on Mondays.  It's a good thing.

       We are dressed and bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning.  Rick is going to the Doc's today and I am going along as the PA is a friend of mine and I haven't seen him in awhile.  Plus I want to make sure Rick tells him his A-fib is increasing again so he can get his medication increased.  Then I have to mail a package and go see my MIL to make sure she hasn't tried to kill herself yet today.  She sounded like her old self yesterday and is finally eating better since they stopped the cholesterol medication.   

     It is suppose to warm up today and I am thinking of a bike ride.  If not that then  I think I will start working on my new closet doors.  I have to sand and stain them and I have some drawers I want to refinish on an old dresser.  It is maple so its hard to refinish, but I am almost done.  The dresser will look great when I am finished and you just can't get solid wood furniture anymore.  Even the expensive stuff they sell these day is cheaply make so I prefer to buy old solid wood and put some elbow grease in them.  They look wonderful when finished and save me a ton of money.

     My mouth is finally healed up.  I got some toothpaste that really seems to work well.  Squiggle.  I accidentally used my old stuff and my mouth just burned after using this for a few weeks.   

    Well, time to get going.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day.



madcobug said...

Glad your mouth is doing better. There is one brand of toothpaste that actually makes the skin peel off in my mouth and lips. I love your picture. Helen

daddyleer said...

Have a "bright eyed and bushy tailed" day! <grin> LOVE that expression.

lanurseprn said...

I agree with you on the furniture. Everything in my home is solid wood, inherited from my mom. It's what I call "lifetime furniture." They don't make it anymore.  Well, if they do, it's WAY out of MY price range. So I'll keep my old stuff!
I hope you get to ride your bike today.  Sounds nice.

kirkbyj05 said...

I only like wooden furniture although I do have one small wardrobe which is utility made.  It was offered to me and I didn't like to offend and say no.  Its O.K. and in the children's room for them to use when they come to stay.So they can knock it about if the want to...but they don't.  Lol!  Other than that it is all solid pine furniture in our house. I'm glad your MIL is feeling a bit better.  Was she on statins?  Bryan is and I've noticed he is getting more and more forgetfull since he began taking these and his heart pills. I wonder???  Ah!  Blessed relief from the mouth last!   Must go....take care   Jeanie

rdautumnsage said...

Sounds like you have an enjoyable Monday ahead of you. I end up collecting antique furniture when I can. Anything new just agravates the hell out of me , the way it's made. I'm actually looking for a couple of good dressers now. I don't mind refinishing them myself. There is something to be said for the satisfactory that comes from working on something like that. (Hugs) Indigo

radar446 said...

Sounds like you had a better Monday than I did.  Love the picture by the way.


rebuketheworld said...

I remember finding these old dressers at a flea market. Took the whole summer but wow they were cool. I love doing that too.

The picture of the little canal, great place to read a book. Its that near you? Lovely! ~Raven

jlocorriere05 said...

I love the photo with those black eyed susan's on the river bank! I always scout flea markets for old furniture and actually got an old oak sideboard for much less than I'd pay for a new one made of laminated wood and chipboard! I love old stuff, it has so much character and as you say, it polishes up well. I hope Rick got on OK at the doctors and your MIL is all right, she must be a worry to you! Jeannette xx