Saturday, March 31, 2007

Good Morning


   Yes, we have some lovely rain going on right now.  Made sleeping so nice and I didn't even need a pill.  The hail was not so nice, but otherwise, nice. 

   Looking out the window everything is so green.   My oldest son used to want to know if it was green out so he could go out and play.  Once he woke up very early and went out in the yard to play, it was dark, scared me to death.  So I told he couldn't go out until we were awake and it was light out.  From then on it was, Is it green out?  So cute.

   I had the lovely surprise of having some pretty good sales in the shop and also my pet food sales are up as is to be expected.  So that makes me happy, happy, happy.  I hope my distributors are having the same good sales.  I told them now is the time to let people know abou this wonderful food.

   My headache is just a shadow of its former self.  I have had 2 cups of coffee and work went well last night.   I may have drug out of bed looking like the graphic, but I have popped in the shower,  checked some of my email so far and am feeling good.  Twisted my darn knee again, but even that feels better after a good day sleep.  Life is good.  No calls from my MIL which made me nervous. but it turns out my hubby was over there most of the day.  Monday the prep starts.  I am going to try and get Tuesday off since I have to work Easter then getting up so early won't be such a killer.

   Well, Rick is making turkey burgers.  Take care all.


   Just read another email with wonderful news.  Krissy's & John got some wonderful news.  Now I am just bursting with happiness.



kirkbyj05 said...

We had a cooler but sunny day here today in the Lakes Julie.  I watched the jackdaws raiding my garden for moss to line their nests.  They love the coir matting out of the front door mats too.  Thieves!   Lol! All the birds are busy..busy.. busy! The pigeons are strutting their stuff in the woodland trees and some of the smaller birds are already feeding their first little brood. Sprriiing is here!

Just take it easy on your knee....or there will be no biiiiiikkkkkiiiing!  
Don't work too hard and enjoy the greenery.   Jeanie

lanurseprn said...

Cute story about your son!  Funny how they interpret stuff when they're little.
Hope work goes ok...and that your knee feels better. And yes it's great news about John and Krissy!!  What a miracle, huh?

madcobug said...

Sorry that you hurt your knee. I hope it will be ok. I love that graphic. We may get some severe storms tomorrow. Helen

rdautumnsage said...

Delighted to hear you where able to get some sleep without any aide. Rain does have that effect on us , doesn't it? Seems you even had a break from your MIL calling. Things definately look like they are picking up for you. (Hugs) Indigo

jckfrstross said...

have a good Sunday:) yes that was great news about John and Krissy:) hope MIL finds out what is wrong with her


cacklinrosie101 said...

Wonderful and amazing news about John!  We had tons of rain here today but not at night.  I love the sound of rain falling in bed.  Whoo hoo to your sales.  Betting the pet food scares is a boom for you.  At least your headache is giving you a break for now.  Chris

jlocorriere05 said...

It's nice to be tucked up in bed when rain's beating on the windows! I hope you can get the day off to be with your MIL. It made me laugh, you worry when you hear from her and worry when you don't! Lol! Have a good week! Jeannette xx  

radar446 said...

"Is it green out?"  I just love that!