Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lab work


     I just love the graphic Donna did above, LOL.  great job.

    My MIL's doctor called me and we talked about the lab work.  Surprisenly every thing looks pretty good.   Her sodium is low and he wants her to cut down on her water.  Which is the complete opposite of what I have been telling her, LOL. We were both surprised at how good her lab it.   So it is still a mystery what wrong.  She sound better on the phone.  I think having company is always good for her. 

    Well I never could get this headache under control.  Darn thing.  I don't usually get headaches which is nice.  Last year they thought I had a TIA or mini stroke.  The decided it might be a form of migraine, but I didn't get a headache with that either.  Just numb on one side of my face.  I am a weird person, lol.  I took a darvocet and unfortunately had to call in and then slept most of the day.  Hopefully by tomorrow it will be better.  If it is my sinuses its pretty weird the way they are acting.

   Anyone heard how Sugar is coming along?  Pass it on if you've heard.

  Well, I am still tired, must be coming down with something so see you all later.  Take care.



inquestoftruth said...

Great news about MIL!    My mother gets headaches that she has a hard time getting rid of when she eats something she's allergic to...which she found out was mostly preservatives, chemicals that type thing.   Just a thought.

rdautumnsage said...

Great news about your MIL. As far as headaches go.....I feel for you hon, I had them bad enough for over a year, some where actually blackouts. But mine was caused by the nerve damage in my ears. I'm hoping you feel better after some sleep. (Hugs) Indigo

jckfrstross said...

good news about MIL now what about your headaches? if they dont go away please go and get seen. nothing to mess with


lanurseprn said...

Good news about MIL, but I hope they clear up the mystery soon regarding her health.
Hope you feel better soon. No fun to have such a bad headache!

radar446 said...

I'm glad the labs came back good.  Can't ever remember hearint that somebody needs to cut down on water.  I always thought water was a good thing.


kirkbyj05 said...

I was never a person to have headaches but once over I got them every weekend when I was off work. They stopped me functioning.  I would go to bed just to get some peace from them.  Until...Bryan got fed up with me always being non compis mentis each weekend.  I saw the doctor and found my blood pressure  was 202/103  I had a very stressful job and loved it because I could always rise above it enjoying the adrenalin rush it gave me.  Unfortunately my body objected and now I am on blood pressure pills. I don't want to be doom and gloom Julie but please get yours checked out....please?  I wish you well.  
I am glad there is nothing sinister wrong with MIL. She coud do with a little 'critter' to look after maybe?  It would keep her interested and make her responsible for someone else other than herself. That could maybe put a little interest into her day.  Just a thought...slap my hand for interfering.  Caring about you both.  Jeanie

cacklinrosie101 said...

Deb, Frosty Thoughts, said that Sugar is home now.  Don't know where she heard that from, though.  Julie, you really need to get seen for that headache if it persists.  Chris