Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's Tuesday


   I love the above picture.  I took it last summer and his grumpy expression just fit my mood that day....but not today.  No grumps today.

   Yesterday we had one of those boring shopping days getting things we needed, not fun things.  It was almost 70 out and a good day to be out and about.  All that walking and my knee didn't hurt a bit.  Yay.

   Thought about getting the bikes out, but the trails are still wet.  I have fenders on my bike but Rick doesn't.  He didn't want to get his pants all dirty.  Awe, whats a little water and mud.  Soon though.

  Today it is going to be in the high 60's again.  A play day.  We are going back to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to take pictures of the water falls running full.  Should look quite different then last month.  I bought a new bag and some new rechargables.  Won't be able to get a new lens for awhile, darn thiefs, but I like my new camera case.  Bigger and holds more, but not as huge as the case for my Cannon.  I have like 9 different lenses for that camera and some are huge.  I rarely if ever use it anymore and I suppose I should try and sell it but it will break my heart to get pennies for a thousand dollars worth of camera equipment.  Everyone is going digital these days.

   The deer just went straggling by the window.  One of last years babies looks pretty rough, head drooping, eyes glassy.  This last snow has been hard on them and she doesn't look like she will make it.  The snotty mom from last year is big with a tummy full of babies again.  Suppose she will make my outdoor life a challenge again.  I will leave her alone if she leaves me alone.  I sure miss Mommy Deerest.  Now she was nice and sweet and didn't try to attack you every time you were out in YOUR yard.

          Above is Mommy Deerest and one of last years babies below.

  Well, I had better get ready.  We are stopping at a couple of antique shops on the way.   My idea of a fun day.  Tomorrow I have to do homework.  Yes, nurses have to do homework every year.  I have to do a stroke program and finish groin management.  It will take me about 6 hours but I do get paid for it.  I can watch it here, but have to go to work to take the tests.  Personally I think they should give me a day off to do it rather then have me use my time off,  don't you agree?


radar446 said...

About your lenses,  as long as they are the standard Canon mount, they will work on the current digital cameras.  That should help you get more money out of the lenses by themselves.  What kind of film body is it?


kirkbyj05 said...

What 'special' photos these are Julie!  I really love the ones of the deer. I can never get that close to our deer as they can see me coming as soon as I step outside.  Yours are just so beautiful!  Poor things..it's been a long winter for them.
The bird now is something else!  It looks a real character. Your photos have made me take another look recently at the booklet that came with my digi camera.  I want to be able to take some lovely photos just like yours.
Enjoy your antique 'trail'. Jeanie

lanurseprn said...

I love the pictures!  Aren't the deer such beautiful creatures? Your day sounds WONDERFUL!! I wish we lived closer. We enjoy the same things....and I love antique shops. I could spend all day browsing.
Have a wonderful day and take lots of pics!

rdautumnsage said...

Beautiful pictures!! Your day sounds absolutely wonderful. The falls should be in full force by now with the winter meltoff. I know the small creek on my property is raging right now. (Hugs) Indigo

jckfrstross said...

great pictures:) i got to see a brand new calf this morning so exciting :) i will also take my camera tomorrow and hope fully get some pictures


jlocorriere05 said...

I love the baby deer, he's cute! I hope your day goes well and you get some good shots of the falls. Jeannette xx  http://journals.aol.co.uk/jlocorriere05/Welcometomytravels/  

erarein63 said...

Oh I love your pictures!  Have you thought about looking on eBay to replace your lens that were stolen, those darn thieves.  (May the flies of a thousand camels inhabit their tents!)  I hate compliances, too.  Ours are called IHEAL and are on the computer.  We can do them at home, but... You know, it's my free time.  De ;)

daddyleer said...

Wonderful pictures. Your journal is ever evolving.
Patrick    http://journals.aol.com/daddyleer/CaregivinglyYours/