Friday, March 16, 2007

Insurance Woes


      I just got off the phone with my insurance company.  Its enough to drive you crazy the hoops they make you jump through.  

    I asked what the hold up was for getting my sleeping pill.  They said I had been rejected for the Ambien CR because I had never taken the Ambien before and I have to have pre-authorization for that.  

Yes I did, I said, 6 months ago. 

  Yes they see that I had the Ambien CR 6 months ago. but I have never had the ambien before. 

 Well I said...Did she order me the ambien or the ambien CR? 

 Ambien CR.  

So whats the problem then?  I have had that....not the ambien so just fill my script for me so I can get some sleep. 

   Can't do that because you have never taken the ambien alone before.  You have to take the ambien plain and fail that before you can take the Ambien CR. 

 OK, a light bulb is finally going off in my head. The plain ambien is cheaper!  I asked her...seriously is this the most stupid thing you have ever heard of?  Who makes up these stupid rules anyway.  THIS IS SO STUPID.  Then I took a deep breath and said, listen... I know you have nothing to do with this, but between us you can see its a stupid thing and I can see its a stupid thing so what do I have to do to get my stupid MEDICATION FILLED THAT MY DOCTOR HAD PRESCRIBED FOR ME! 

   So she switched me to someone else and once again we had the same old tired conversation.  Now the purpose of all this is to make it so hard and mind wrackingly crazy that you'll give up.  This is what they did to me when I was going to get lap band.  They kept you strung along for months and then waited until there were only 5 months left in the year and said, you need to diet for 6 months and then if you fail that we will consider it.  Of course that gets me into another fiscal year where I hadn't met my deductable.  I think they get commissions for how many people they get who either drop the whole thing or go another year so they pay more out of pocket.  The high fiving insurance company wins again. 

   But you know what.  I am not doing that this time.  Now they got me mad.  I pay over $500 a month for my insurance and I want my damn sleeping pills.  The war is on.



madcobug said...

I hear you Julie. Get those pills! Helen

blazensun said...

I have trouble sleeping and I need my sleeping pill to sleep. Don't quit trying to get them. You need them so keep fighting for them.


jlocorriere05 said...

That's totally crazy Julie. I hope you get them! Jeannette xx  

lanurseprn said...

I HATE insurance companies!!  WIN this war Julie....for us all.  And then let us know how you did it ok?

cacklinrosie101 said...

Ugh, I just go crazy with medical insurance.  I pay well over $300 a month for mine and end up paying so much out of pocket.  It seems like they add more prescriptions to those pre-approved lists all the time.  It also seems like nothing is ever coded correctly anymore either or so they say.  Good luck with this.  Hope you get those meds soon although you'll probably be sleeping like a baby before they get it straightened out.  Chris

kirkbyj05 said...

You go girl!  I'm alongside you....Lol!  Jeanie

quiltsnroses said...

Well, you know that saying "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" so keep on bugging them until you get results!

springangel235 said...

I feel like frustrating...hope it all works out...go get them!