Friday, December 1, 2006

Change of Plans


       We ran into a friend of ours last night who reminded me we made plans to go to Omaha today.  Spacy me I had forgotten completely.   I tried to nicely get out of it has I kind of liked the plans I had now but he had done some research, he is a researcher and has OCD, and had a great day planned.  First we are going to the General Dodge House which is decorated with I think 28 Christmas trees. Home Page - Historic General Dodge House  Then we will be going to the Joslyn Art Museum.  It is their 75 th year and they are having various different things going on.  He thought there was a free concert but when I just checked it out it was yesterday, not today.  Then we plan on going to Beertopia which just opened last month for a look see.  I hear they have a huge selection of beer, especially belgian beer which is our friends favorite so he will probably drop a few hundred their while we sit and wish we had his money.  I am not sure where we will eat but if we end up at Crescent Moon again I will not be upset.  I want to go to the German pub downstairs.Crescent Moon Alehouse - Omaha, NE  So that is what I will be doing today.  Should be fun.  I also want to go to this place Photos It is a catholic place but looks so beautiful.  I should wait until fall or spring as the prairie will be perfect then.  Isn't it lovely.

   I haven't heard anything yet from the place I applied to.  I probably won't until next week.  The neat thing about this is they let you bring your hubby and pets so Zoey could go.  Of course it will depend on if Dan will hold off on his plans to move.  I do get a little worried about leaving a place that I have so much invested in.  I will have to really check out the insurance, what would happen to my 403 plan etc...  Lots to look at and decide if it would work or cost me too much.  I hope it works out as I really would like to this.

   Well, time to get ready.  It will be a busy day.  Cold too.  8 degrees in Omaha.  Hope everyone is safe with all the snow all over.  Take care all.


lanurseprn said...

WOW it sounds like a wonderful day planned!!  Good luck on your job.  I hope you do make the change because sometimes we always wonder what would have happened if we don't do it.

jckfrstross said...

stay warm:) i do hope you hear about the job soon