Monday, December 11, 2006

Day off


  I am going to do like Zoey and rest today.  This weekend was so busy at work.  One of the busiest weekends we have had for awhile.  I am dog tired.  Emotionally and physically.  I plan on sleeping until around 12:30 and going to the gym at 1 but will see how I feel.  Mayby just a day of rest would be a good thing.

  Got my mammogram results, negative of course.  I knew that but was afraid they were going to make me repeat them so I am a happy camper about that.  No more pancake boobs for another year.  Thursday I have to get a cavity filled and I should be in good shape for my doctorless year next year.

   The new med they started Rick on did not agree with him at all.  He had some bad side effects and went off it already.  Flecinaide is a pretty scary drug when you look it up.  So far the cardizem is working just fine.  He also decided against the ablation.  Since they can only give him a 50% chance of getting better he will just wait and see if the med controls it.  I think it is wise.  Maybe they will come up with something more successful.

    Does everyone have their cards sent out already?  I have to get mine ready to go.  The list is getting shorter and shorter these years since all the old relatives are dying off.  I used to send out around 50 and am down to about 13 now.  Sad.

   Rick has the living room looking so good.  He has put lights on my shelves this year that are so pretty.  I must admit he does such a good job.  I love the way the house looks when it is decorated.  

    Off to bed now.  My eyes are having a hard time staying open.  Must sleep.  This is how I spend my day off.  Sleeping and then walking around like a zombie the rest of the day and going to bed early.  Oh ya, housework, forget about it!


candlejmr said...

A day of rest and relaxation sounds like just what the doctor ordered!  It sounds HEAVENLY!  Enjoy your slice of heaven today!


lanurseprn said...

There's no picture there in your entry.  
I hope you enjoy your day of rest.  You deserve it.  I think I take too many of those, to be honest.  
Your house sounds pretty.  Pics??
Have a good day.~~~Pam

madcobug said...

Glad your mammogram came back ok. Hope Rick will be ok on the meds he is on now. Sorry, no picture of Zoey is showing. Helen.

ladeeoftheworld said...

I hate wasting a day off sleeping, but then I think, I love to sleep.  It's all okay.  Enjoy your day off.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Zoey is beautiful.  She seems to like the same position my Grizzly does..hehe  My mammogram came back negative for one of the first times ever.  Not that I had any problems; just always needed to go back and have one or the other boob double squeezed.   I have very few cards to send out anymore.  It is sort of sad.  Praying for Rick.  HUGS  Chris