Friday, December 29, 2006

What a glorious Morning


      There is something so wonderful about sleeping at night like you suppose to.  Waking up as the sun arives to greet you instead of going to bed and trying to ignore the sunlight streaming in between the blinds.  Even if the day seems to be a dreary raining day like the one we are having in Iowa this morning.  It is still morning and I do not have to work until next Thursday.  Lovely, simply lovely.

   I have been watching the dvd's Rick gave me for Christmas.   I love James Herriot's books and the series is just like the books.  I must have read them a dozen times and I still laugh in the same places.  Laughing is good for me.  I needed it as the holiday gave me the blues. 

    Working in a hospital the stark contrast between joy and sorrow is so in your face.  And if you had a little pity party going on like I did it really makes you feel like a jerk.  Upset are you that you didn't get cards or gifts from your sons you labored hard hard hours and days to produce, try watching your loved one suffer and then die.  Mad and sad you can't watch your grandchildren open their presents?  Try having your grandchild die 4 days before Christmas.  It puts it all in perspective and cuts your pity party pretty short. 

   I have a pretty full plate the next few days.  When next I work we go to our new uniform code.  Navy blue or white uniforms...... how boring is that.  So I have to wash and store all my uniforms.  I am not getting rid of them as the next CEO might want us to dress brighter and cheerfuller.   Then I have to go empty out my booth at the antique mall.  Things just sold too slow there and you gave all your profitto the owners.  Back to selling on line.  Then I have to go get a couple of more uniform lab coats.  I like lots of pockets.  Sometime in there I want a couple of hours at the gym, either this afternoon or this morning.   Now I should clean the house after my long work week, but I'm not going too until tomorrow.  Then down comes the tree and I will dust and vacumn then.

   Not much on the news front this week.   AOL is going over the events of the year.  Besides the war they seem to be focusing on the "stars" stupid escapade's.  No wonder no one can take them seriously.  Some of them are beyond stupid and would do well to keep their mouths shut except when reading lines.  Now when I watch certain movies all I can think about is what stupid thing this or that movie actor did and it takes away from the enjoyment of the film.

   I have some split pea soup in the making.  On the slow cooker.  With the left over ham it should be great.  I have to have it at least once a year.  I have chunks of potatoes, carrots and ham in it, lots of fresh ground pepper,  yummy.  But not for supper today.  Tonight is Date night.  I didn't get to go out with Rick on Monday.  I want someone else to cook me supper, I want to sit across from Rick and giggle and talk and unwind.  So the soup is for tomorrow.  It always tastes better the next day anyway.

   I was thinking of Latin after using it the other day.  Here is another great latin line.  3 cheers to the first reader who translates it.

                        Homo nudus cum nuda iacebat

   The new year?  Not going out, dangerous out there on New Years Eve, staying up late to see it in?  Probably not, getting old here.  Making New Years resolutions......NO.   Why set myself up.  Just going to try and stay healthy, happy, and alive one more year.



innxdoor said...

Hugs and glad you had a good nights sleep. That sure can make a world of difference in how our day goes.
Latin, ahhhh you take me back to Catholic school...naked they lay together...ref to man and woman if I am not mistaken.
I use to love working in the hospital when I was younger but ask me to do floor work now and I get ill thinking of trying to lift somone in bed when I have trouble getting myself out of bed in the morning. Ohhh the years can be so unkind.
Have a super day...I did ham and bean soup with my left overs.was pretty good!
:)) Doreen

lanurseprn said...

What a great entry Julie!  Hope you enjoy your time off.

springangel235 said...

That soup is sure making me hungry, sounds wonderful and enjoy your date night...your right, things do taste better the next day...having a great and Happy New Year! Hugs,

ladeeoftheworld said...

Naked they lay and woman........
Lovely quote.

I hated night shift.  I worked it 7 yrs when my son was little.  I never felt quite human.  You know what I mean?

Uniforms.  I'm an old school nurse.  Caps and starched white uniforms.  That's how a nurse should really look.  Since we don't follow that dress code anymore, I vote for multi-colored scrubs.  The brighter the better.  Making you go to a single color uniform will make everyone look shoddy after a while.  When you only wear a single color you don't want to buy as many pieces and they start looking well worn.  Oh well, nobody ever asks me.

dizarra said...

Try having your son commit suicide before his 20th birthday, and you won't feel
like putting up a tree again-ever. That's how I feel anyway, maybe I'll feel
differently someday, but not yet; Oh I love the pix of the kitten, and I too
enjoy James Harriots books, I read Creatures Great and Small yrs ago, and I
know I can pick that book up any time, and get into it again! All the others are
equally good; I liked the TV seris, but it's no longer shown around here; glad you
liked my entry, and my song pick; in 67 we were fighting a horriable war, right
when that song was first popular, now again we are fighting a horriable war,
and the song still rings true. ~Diane~

jlocorriere05 said...

I work in a childrens hospital, it does put everything into perspective when you watch kids dying around Christmas or any other time. My best friends husband died last week, four days before Christmas. It certainly gives you less patience with the whingers moaning about how they're going to get all the shopping done on time. I hope you have a very happy and healthy new year Julie! Jeannette xx

cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...I cheated and knew someone would know what the quote was.  My mother studied Latin and would have known as she is always quoting it.  You sound so much more relaxed.  Glad you got that good night's sleep.  HUGS  Chris