Friday, December 15, 2006

I love my MIL but......................

     Sometimes she drives me crazy!

Converstation with my MIL who is 85

I feel terrible this morning

Oh, HOW do you feel terrible

Oh I have this terrible pain in my back and those pills you told me to take for my bowels didn't work so I stopped taking them and Dorothy called and this started after the supper you sent yesterday and then I filled the stool and I get chills in my back.

  OK..............So what is bothering you the most?  The pain in your back or are you having diarrhea?

   No its not diarrhea but I am going alot at a time and this pain in my back is terrible, I didn't sleep all night but Dorothy woke me up and it was still there...

  So you WERE sleeping?  Does it hurt to take a deep breath.

  Oh I don't know, its just pain......

  Do you have a fever?

  I don't know, I don't have a thermometer.

  Yah but can't you tell when you have a fever?  Is you skin hot?  The flu is going around so it could be that.

I don't know, I never get the flu so I don't remember........Should I see the doctor?

If your feeling bad enough you should make an appointment.

With my heart Doctor? (she loves going to the heart doctor)

Are you having any problems with your heart?  I think you should call your regular doctor.

What if they can't see me?

If you feel sick enough we can take you to Urgent care.

Whats that?

Remember we took you there the last time

Oh I don't know if that is necessary, maybe the hospital....

You feel sick enough you need the hospital?

Oh I don't know....that's why I am calling you

Exactly what is bothering you the most?  Your pain in the back or your big stools or chills?

Oh I just don't know......

    Now repeat conversations like this every other day and you get an idea..... Got to love her though.

       So this morning I will be going over to check her out instead of the gym.  Because she is 85.  You can never tell.  She could be on the floor which is why her back hurts but forgot to mention that part of the equation.  This year alone she has worried about having a  heart attack.....a stroke......e coli...... cat scratch fever..........meningititis......eboli........anthrax.......bowel collapse.......prostate problem (until I told her that only hits men).......and any number of diseases featured in Readers Digest this month. 

   And no matter what I tell her she will call up our relative who does X rays and ask her advise.  So I ask her, will what did the XRAY TECH TELL YOU TO DO!   Sigh.




madcobug said...

Poor MIL. Sounds as if you have your hands full just trying to figure out exactally what is wrong with her. Hope she feels better soon. Helen

lanurseprn said...

The poor lady!!  I just think she's miserable from being OLD!  Is that what we have to look forward to?? GAWD!  
Hope you get it sorted out soon.

springangel235 said...

I feel so bad for your MIL...hope she feels better soon.  Seniors!  Gotta love them!

erarein63 said...

OMGosh!  That is so funny!  This is what we encounter everyday in the ER, lol.  The other day this lady said "I've been having touble urinating and I heard that Flonase helps your prostate and helps you go so I've been using that.  Do you think that will help?" "Uh.... ma'am, that's Fosamax and women don't have prostates." ROTFLMHO!!  ;) De

cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...gotta love Reader's Digest and the elderly.  They have every symptom in the book.  I think it's just far too much time on their hands, and they fret.  Lots o luck...Chris