Saturday, December 9, 2006

Seasonal OCD


   My husbands seasonal OCD has kicked in just like it does every year at this time.  He gets obsessive  about the lights on the tree and the garland hanging over the window. 

   The tree is always one string short of having the perfect amount of lights.  Every year we add one more string.  We are up to 11 and he has boughten another string for next year.  He is having a difficult time not tearing the tree down to the bare lights and putting them up, but will have to comfort himself knowing they will be there next year. 

   He will sit and stare at the tree, get up move a light sit back down and contemplate the tree again to make sure it looks just right, same with the window garland, a tiny adjustment here, a tiny adjustment there, moving it a fraction of an inch to get it perfect. 

   One year and one year only I put the entire tree up myself while he was at work.  It killed him.  When I went to work he dismanteled it and started over. 

   Now if he only would get OCD about housework, every speck of dust needing to be gone, every thing out of place put in its place..........



lanurseprn said...

That's funny! I wouldn't complain. Tell him to come over here and do a tree for me!  I bet when he's finally satisfied that it's perfect, it IS!  Come on....admit it....he prolly does a GREAT job, eh?

ladeeoftheworld said...

Do you think hypnosis would help?  Not fixing his OCD........making him love

madcobug said...

This is so funny, being so obsessive about the Christmas decorations. Helen

hopefulniki said...

Too funny about the OCD.  We don't have a tree yet but I do the same thing.  I have periodic OCD....wish I could get it for house cleaning.  I'm the worst housekeeper.  I let it get so far and then I go crazy cleaning.  I'm not regular about it at all.

I'm staying away from the cheese...mainly cuz I'm not at work and I don't have any in the house.  If it's still there on Monday...I'm throwing it away.'ll be getting old by that time.

Have a great weekend,