Saturday, December 16, 2006

She lives


        Well my MIL is all better today.  Her backpain is better, which is what it turned out to be after all the questioning got finished.  She finally took some tylenol and rested and feels better today.  For that we are happy, happy that this time she is good and it wasn't serious because at her age one of these times it might be serious.  We won't know though talking to her, it will take some detective work to find out unless of course she is unconcious. 

    When we got there the house was locked up tighter then Fort Knox.  How would rescue workers ever get into the house if she had to call them?  She is more afraid of someone coming in and robbing her, even though she lives in a very safe neighborhood and it has never happened, then getting help when she needs it.  Because she read about it in Readers Digest.  Elderly getting robbed in broad daylight of all their worldly things.  So it must be true, it must be!  Its in print.

    I spent yesterday hiding out from work.  The census is high and they are mandating people to work on their days off.  Sorry, I am tired.  I want my day off.  I worked hard my week on and I need to rest.  My back hurts.  Get some of those young nurses to work who are lower on the seniority list or better yet get some agency nurses to work and let the regular nurses enjoy their hard earned days off.  Is that too much to ask?  No  NO.

   I should be good the rest of the weekend as administration have all gone home for the weekend, no longer worried about how the hospital will be staffed.  It is a fleeting thing with them.  While they are there and people are voicing their concerns to them they get panicky.  That concern all vanishes though on Friday at 3.  Since they don't have to work they forget about the place.  The house manager will be the one stuck with worring about how to staff the place.  I know, I did house manager for 10 years.   I would spend my entire shift worried about how to staff the hospital while the supervisors and administators enjoyed their time off.  Forcing nurses to work extra, begging them too.  I am glad I am done with that job.  Hopefully the census has dropped and things are quiet.  Hopefully they decided to call the agency nurses in.  My weight loss has been terrible.  I should call this my weight gain journal.  I just am having a terrible time getting back into the whole thing.  Can't ride my bike.  The gym bores me silly, food tastes way to good, I am scared to eat my salads.  What to do.  I have got to get my motivation back.  I mediate and listen to my weight loss hypnoses tape.  I start each and every day with good intentions and then blow it.  I need to start counting calories again.  That was the one thing I did that kept me on track.  I haven't eaten yet.  Bad.  I have to have 3 meals to keep me from overeating later on.  I have to drink more water but I am afraid of getting fluid overloaded again.  I need to exercise more.  I need my husband to cook the foods I can eat on his days to cook.  Sigh, I need to be better.



lanurseprn said...

I'm glad your MIL is ok.  And YES you DO deserve those treasured days off.  That place will manage.  
Hope you have a restful weekend and your back feels better.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Well, I'm glad things worked out with MIL.  I still have to laugh at the Ft. Knox thing.  My mother is starting to get that way.  We keep telling her not to lock the screen door because we can't use our keys.

I don't blame you for avoiding work.  I would filter my phone calls also.  Lord, no wonder nurses burn out.

Hang in there on your weight loss, Julie.  I play the yo-yo game so well.  I can't seem to stay motivated to eat healthy anymore.  Chris

candlejmr said...

When you figure out how to get back on track with the diet and exercise, could you let me know?  I need some SERIOUS help!!  (lol)


ladeeoftheworld said...

I have been at my present job as an RN at the mental health clinic for exactly 15 months to the day.  The clinic opens at 8am and closes at 5pm.  Period.  Closed on all major and not so major holidays.  After 30 years of being on call I cannot begin to tell you how stress free my life is.  I cannot be called in to work.  It's a miracle.

I will probably be just like your