Thursday, December 7, 2006

Pretty Pink Cast

  My granddaughter is now sporting a pretty pink cast.  They don't think they will have to do any surgery but in 2 weeks they will take the cast off and see how it is doing.  Once she got the pretty cast she felt much better because " Pink is my favorite color Gramma".  Poor little thing.  She assures me since it is her left hand she will still be able to open presents, color, open doors and eat.  The important things, LOL.

   Well. Time to eat supper myself and get ready for work.  Hope it isn't terribly busy, I like to ease into it.  Usually though on Thursday it is a hit the floor and run day.

   I am having the worse time with these stupid fonts.  Half the time they are tiny and you can't read, half the time huge and a couple time a little of both.  And once in a very great while, they are perfect!  I never know what I will get once I hit the save key, or if it will even safe.


madcobug said...

Pink cast huh! Seems as if she likes it. Helen

blazensun said...

Glad to hear granddaughter is doing ok.


candlejmr said...

Those new colored casts are really nifty!  Glad she's got a good attitude about it.  Hopefully there will be a big improvement in 2 weeks!


radar446 said...

Years ago when Jennifer broke her thumb, they put her in a colored cast.  It made her feel much better.  She started out with a pink one, and then moved to Carolina Blue.  She had her next color (DOT Orange) picked out and they told her she didn't need the cast anymore.  She was heart broken...I kid you not.


lanurseprn said...

I'm glad she's doing well.  Pink cast, huh? Stylish!!  I had a blue one when I broke my foot a couple of years back. My son chose blue also LOL!  Poor baby.  I hope it's not hurting too much.