Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Only In America

 ....Can an accident be viewed the same as your winning power ball ticket.  Yippy, now you can sue and get millions of dollars because of your loved ones misfortune.   We get families in the hospital, gee nurse how much pain and suffering is my loved one in, with dollar signs in their eyes.  I had better go and notify my lawyer,  hummmm, I mean family right away.  All because of an unfortunate ACCIDENT.  

   Thanks to others unfortunate ACCIDENTS  we now no longer have skating rinks in each neighborhood.  Hayrack rides, forget about it, bonfires with the old trees while parents sat sipping "hot cocoa" and kids sledded down the hills, forget about it.  Don't let the neighbor kid play in your yard on your slide, little sweety may fall and break his arm, mommy who pushed the kid out the door every morning after breakfast and told him to play outside somewhere else is all of a sudden super mom, care and concern clearly written on her face as she searches high and low for the best slimey lawyer.  Yup, her ship has come in.  No more working for living, oh no, thanks to her kid getting on the slide he had been told repeatedly not to climb on she can now retire and buy the car she has had her eye on.  Thanks to the unfortunate death of a loved one you can get that bigger house you will need to compensate for all the grief you will feel for weeks.  Thanks to them no one is welcome in my house, in my yard, in my car, on my property, don't pet my dog, don't walk on my sidewalk, don't come up on my porch. 

      Isn't anyone else totally sick and tired of this crap?

  And on top of that my counter re-set again!  I am sick of that also.


cacklinrosie101 said...

Yep, I'm sick to death of lawsuits.  And yes, I totally deleted my counter but then someone sent me a website for counters and they are wonderful.  All different styles and designs and they never screw up.  If you want, I can send you the link.  I was so fed up with AOL with that.  HUGS  Chris

candlejmr said...

I'm sick of "accidents" and I am sick of  good, honest, hardworking people having to be penalized for things that bad, lying, lazy people do!!!!  No matter how hard we try we can never do the things we want because someone else has done something that now makes it "impossible."

Drives me crazy!


springangel235 said...

Yes, sad but true...it seems this world has become lawsuit crazy...guess you see it all, hugs and love,
Julie Loses it, My Weight Loss Journey

hopefulniki said...

It's crazy.  It's no wonder all of our kids are getting fat.  There is almost no playground equipment allowed at the schools anymore.  You can't play TAG at recess.  It's so ridiculous!!

rebuketheworld said...

I agree. In Oregon, the swings are going away. Lawsuits are making it hard for everyone...I beleive in them when its realistic but when we trip and fall over what is natural, like rocks, sticks, dirt, etc., or skating rinks, that shouldnt be an accident that comes with a price for all of us...whats next,lol...~Raven