Monday, December 4, 2006

Desert recipe, the fat and thin way!

  My aunt sent me this and it looks good.  I decided to post it the way the recipe came and the way I would make it so I could eat it.  Dieting, its a way of life!

                    The fat way ( at least for me)
1 Loaf Bread        
1 Egg Yolk
8 oz. Cream Cheese
1/4 c. Sugar
Butter, Cinn. & Sugar for Dipping (Watkin's Cinnamon,of course!!)
Cut off crust and flatten bread. 
Beat well: egg, cream cheese, sugar & spread on bread.  (you could add a little strawberry jam or your favorite, for a change in flavor)
Roll up jelly roll style.
Dip in melted butter.
Roll in cinn. & sugar
Bake 400 degrees for 15 minutes
                 The skinnier way.
1 loaf honey wheat all grain bread
1 egg yolk
8 oz low fat cream cheese
1/4 c whey low sugar substitute, or whatever brand you make.
butter flavored cooking spray instead of melted butter, weight watchers is good, cinnamon and more whey low sugar sub for dipping.
   Of course the directions for making would be the same.  You could use sugar free strawberry jam.  This would be so good to make for a potluck don't you think?  I tend to take parts of South Beach, parts of WW and probably parts of the hundred or so other diets I have been on to incorporate into my new eating habits.  One thing I really watch is white anything.  white sugar, white bread, white rice, white noodles......I do brown rice,  all grain breads, wheat noodles, sweet potatoes.  Most recipes I cook I can sub these things and I think it tastes better.  It did take awhile to get use to spaghetti with wheat noodles but we all love it that way now.
   This morning I went to see my lung doctor.  Looks like I'll live awhile longer.  I fessed up to doing the meds my way and that it was working for me this way so he was cool about it.  Then had to do some running around.  I needed some lights for the tree that were blown out and I found a couple more cute Santa's.  Like I need anymore.  I also got the neatest things.  They are tea lights but battery operated.  I have several santa's that hold candles so these were perfect for them and actually fit in much better.  They flicker!  So clever and I don't have to worry about burning the house down.  I also got the prettiest night light that looks like a candle and when the flame heats up it has sparkles in the water that dance around.  So pretty.  Time to get my Christmas music out. 
   Got home and went to have a big salad and my greens are slimy and bad.  I just bought the bag 2 days ago.  I really was hungry for that also.  So I had ramen noodles.  Now I am putting the tubs away we store the Christmas stuff in and getting ready for the gym.   I am starting to look likethe Santa's I collect.


ladeeoftheworld said...

Hmmm......good recipes.  Don't you just hate when you have a craving for something, and you get home, and it's spoiled or missing or all gone or never was there in the first place?

rilmich said...

Your recipe sounds really good and definitely would be nice to have on hand. Thanks for sharing.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Both versions of the recipe sound yummy.  My mother is diabetic and this sounds like something she could do.  She makes all her pies with Splenda.  Can't tell the difference.  I've been meaning to ask her about whey low.  Yuck, I love greens in the bag but boy they sure do go bad fast on me.  But it's so convenient.  You sound so ready for  HUGS  Chris

springangel235 said...

Sounds yummy...can't wait to try it...hugs and love,

springangel235 said...

Sounds yummy...can't wait to try it...hugs and love,