Sunday, December 10, 2006

I know I am going to get sick


  My patient with the 104 temp insisted on repeatedly coughing all over me last night.  Since his temp was 104 I was in his room most of the night.  Share you money, share a funny story, share you wisdom, but please keep your germs to yourself.  After 12 1/2 hours of that I could just tell I was going to come down with whatever this patient had.  Please cover your mouth I asked.  Cover your mouth I instructed.  COVER YOU MOUTH FOR GODS SAKE!   Sigh.  The last few times I went in his room I wore a mask.  Probably to late......  I think I have a scratchy throat and my ear hurts......  I'M DOOMED!  Doomed to be sick on my days off which is probably how long it will take to incubate.

    Nurses are exposed to this all the time.  However, we are only allowed to call in 6 times a year if we want to keep our job.  And actually I have a fairly healthy immune system built up after these many years.  I think that is important.  I worry about people that use antibacterial soap, body wash, hand wipes, you name it.  How is your body going to become immune to anything?  Sometimes we get carried away.  Some germs though we don't want to share.

    Everytime someone is my family gets sick they blame it on me.  Oh man what did you drag home this time!  What!  They have been to the mall in a dozen stores, held on to dozens of door handles and been around 100's of people.  They have worked with any number of people at work.  Gone to the bank ,the grocery store and out with friends.  Get sick and it is because dear old Mom dragged something home from the hospital.  Well excuse me but dear ole mom has washed her hands 3000 times, dear old mom washes her croc's in disinfectant before she comes home.  Uniforms go right in the wash.  I did not make you sick...... but this patient, this patient last night, sigh, probably will make me sick.  Of course not as sick as him as I am a healthy person and he has other problems, but still sick.  WHAAAAAAAAA.

   My last night tonight. We have been really busy.  It makes the nights go fast.  I am ready for a rest though.  My plan for tomorrow, sleep until 1, go to the gym and work out and then go on our Monday date night my hubby and I do and unwind.  Bed by 9.  Unless I am sick already..... for it is coming...... sometimes you just know.

   Got this picture in a email today.  It is titled

             Rednecks time out


ladeeoftheworld said...

NO NO are NOT going to get sick.   The scratchy throat is all in your mind.  The fatigue.....working too hard.  Ear pain?  You slept on that side too long.
See?  You're feeling better already.  

Love the baby!

madcobug said...

I hope you are wrong and not going to get sick. I don't know how many times I have had a scratchy throat this winter but I keep taking Clairtian(spelling?) and using listerine. So far it has warded it off. I have been cold all day, I hope I'm not coming down with something. Helen

cacklinrosie101 said...

Oh, Lord, Julie, that picture has me howling.  Did you notice, I had the same siggy tag?  I bet you get exposed to everything under the sun and have built up an immunity.  I do well but am so prone to picking up strep.  Hope you aren't going to be sick on your days off.  HUGS  Chris

candlejmr said...

That picture is HYSTERICAL!

I have a suggestion....echinechea and zicam swabs.  Start both IMMEDIATELY!  Two echinechea in the morning....two at night.  Zicam swabs several times a day.  This may prevent you from getting sick at all, but, if not, you will be sick for alot less time.

Works like a charm for me every time!!


lanurseprn said...

That picture is so funny!  
I know as nurses we are exposed to alot....but I still don't have such a strong immune system.  Not sure why. Never have.  I know I call in a LOT more then 6 times/year!
Hope you feel better soon...Pam

rebuketheworld said...

Rednecks time out>? LMAO.....

Yah know, I never thought about that but I wonder how often nurses get sick. I bet they do alot more than the rest of us....That would drive me nuts if patiencts didnt cover their mouth. It doesnt ever matter if your not in the room, its in the air....I dont know how you do that job...I have had good and bad experiences with nurses....snd really my worst nightmare was so little....She just didnt want to give me drugs,lol....which is gainst all pushing, shoving tortured pregnant rules,lol ~Raven