Thursday, December 14, 2006

I have become comfortably numb

   Love the dentist.  Love having my mouth feel like someone slugged me in the jaw.  First shots I felt somewhat numb and told them to go ahead.  He told me if it hurt to raise my left hand.  You know what?  When it hurts your left hand raises followed quickly by your entire body and you try to escape the drill....Ok a little more numbing med.  That helps. Now I have no control over my numb tongue and lips.  Half hour later I am standing at the desk with my slack lips hanging on the desk, drool dripping down my chin.....but no pain and my tooth is done.  This fun after I got done working 12.5 hours.

   Well here is it, my days off and my prediction was wrong.   I am not sick!  Yah.  So good to be wrong sometimes.  I feel good, it is in the high 50's in Iowa and I already have the gym out of the way.  Had a pretty good workout too.  Didn't trip over my lip once.

   I was reading Pam's journal and it got me thinking about the men I was engaged too before I decided on Rick.  For someone who never wanted to get married I went through a period where I was engaged to someone new about every 5 months.  I think I was just flattered they asked me and didn't want to hurt their feelings and say no.  John was a really tall man. 6' 7" and going to be a basketball star,  "he did and for years I head about him on the news until he retired".  I keep thinking, Gee we could have gotten married, would be divorced by now and I would be wealthy!  Anyway.  Putting my arms around him to give him a hug always made me uncomfortable.  My face came to his crotch.  How romantic was that!  It probably is what made him fall in love with me, LOL.  Steve was the opposite... 2 inches shorter then me.  I just couldn't get past that.  A fault in me I know but what can I say.  Gary was really good looking and the right size but didn't give me the feelings I thought I needed to go though with the marriage.  We had fun, all my boyfriends started out as friends, but I didn't love him.  Now Rick is tall, 6'2.5" but when I put my arms around him its his waist.  Plus we clicked.  Didn't start out as friends, went right into being a couple.  Strong attraction.  Dated and got married 2 weeks later.  Still going strong 33 years later even though we drive each other nuts at times. 

       One thing Rick does that drives me nuts.  I wake up slow.  Need my to drink it while I read my alerts uninterrupted.  Rick wakes up ready to get started for the day.  The second my eyes open he's off, talking a mile a minute.  I have 2 sons, my youngest gets up like me, quiet, sleepy, just wants to be left alone until he slowly comes to.  My oldest, just like Rick,  out of bed and ready to go.  I wonder if he drives his wife nuts.  Of course he leaves the house at 4 am now to work so probably not.



lanurseprn said...

This was an interesting entry.  I never had a problem with someone being a little shorter. Preferred tall...but a little shorter was ok with me. It was always the guys who had a problem with me being so tall!!  Sheesh!
Glad your dentist appt went well. Good for you.

catatonic23 said...

How funny that you mention your husband and you being the exact opposite when you wake up. My hubby and I are like that as well. It drives him nuts. Too bad my kids are like him. They're both boys so that's probably why. They look like him, talk like him, act like him... If I wasn't there for their deliveries I would swear they weren't mine.


erarein63 said...

Oh my gosh, this is so funny!  My kids will start jabbering the second I'm up until I yell at them to stop.  Now my 6yr old will go "Mom is your brain awake?"  LOL.  Thanks for stopping by my journal.  Working in the ER is definitely frustrating at time, but I wouldn't do anything else! :) De

cacklinrosie101 said...

Yep, don't ya just love that water drooling out of the side of a numb mouth.  I absolutely hate going to the dentist.  Wow, that is really neat that you got married so quick and it works.  BTW:  I like to "wake up very gently" as my BF calls it.  I get up at 4 to leave the house at 6 so I can have my coffee and become alert.  Chris