Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Now whats going on

  I woke up today and am edematous again.  Not as bad as yesterday, but whats up with that?  Usually I get edematous by the end the day, not the beginning.  I am not going to sit around peeing all day at work again today.  Since I really watch my salt I just am suprised about this.  I think I must be having a little problem with my heart failure again.  Well, it had just better go away because I am having a doctorless year next year.

   We were talking at work about how bad our insurance is.  None of us can afford to go to the doctor.  In the old days we could have told a doctor at work about how we were feeling and get a script for antibiotics if we needed them or what ever we needed to get better,  not now a days.  In the old days we got professional discounts.  Not now.  I said it is bad enough now I am going to have to start going to the Hy Vee urgent care, LOL.  Do they have those where you all are?  How convienant.  Do your shopping, stop and get seen and get your medicine all in one trip!  A helpful smile in every isle.

   Tonight is my last night at work.  Dentist in the morning, Yik.  I hate getting all numb in my mouth.  When I was a smoker I would insist on trying to smoke.  It is really hard to try and suck on a cigarette when you can't feel your lips.  Addicted as I was though I always gave it the good college try, LOL.  I must have looked a sight.  Hopefully after they are done I will come home and get some sleep and it will be un numb by the time I wake up.

   I guess if I am stilling having trouble with edema tomorrow I will call my doctor and see if my HCTZ should be increased.  What makes this so bad is I have to drink water for my weight loss journey, but I can't drink alot of water for my heart failure so instead I want to eat, can't drown out those cravings with water.   Guess I will have to start drinking lemon water.  I am going to look back in my journal.  Seems like I had worse trouble with fluid last year at this time.

  Warning.  Got a patient last night, heart attack and new diabetic.  Young guy.  Says it isn't true, just ate too much peanut brittle!  Now how much to you have to eat to get a blood sugar of 350?  So careful everyone, the peanut brittle is deadly.


                         Take care all.


lanurseprn said...

I'm glad I don't like peanut brittle! LOL!
How long have you had heart failure? When and why did you get it?  As much as you exercise this surprises me.  Take care of yourself.  And good luck at the dentist tomorrow.

rebuketheworld said...

Hey Jules, sorry I havent been by for awhile. I have over 90 alerts and everyone is special to me. It seems I have had little time for much but miss hearing how your doing. Sorry to hear about the edamatous. I hope you will try Ambrosia for a month. Let me know, I will send you the link. I sware by all that I am, you will feel better....

I have heart palpitations daily...Its stress but also lifestyle...I admire your desire to stick with it....I need a good does of you....praying for you sweetie...-Raven

candlejmr said...

That's ALOT of peanut brittle!

Whatever is going on with you and the water retention, just don't let it go on too long.  Call the doctor.  They don't charge to talk to you on the phone....yet!


inquestoftruth said...

Oman!   I'm gonna miss that peanut brittle!     Now, why can't drs. still give you scripts and stuff????    Tell me how you can do a doctorless year  lol   I might give that a try.  Oh wait.... I had one of those this year!

cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, am I behind this week on journals...I have HBP and have to really watch the sodium intake or I get bloated.  I can't drink a whole lot of water because it messes up the potassium if I pee too much.  No urgent cares in Pa. anymore.  I used to like them.  My health insurance with the govt. is good but costly....over $300 a month...grrr  Chris