Thursday, December 28, 2006

What a night!

  We had a really really terrible night.  I have never had 12 hours go so fast.  We got 3 admits but that wasn't even the bad part.  Just all kind of things trying to go wrong, v tach, chest tubes dumping out way too much, lab all wacky, trains attacking poor drivers,  and of course this wonderful GI bug going around causing all kinds of unpleasentness,  just a lot of people trying to get really bad on us and alot of nurses trying to not let it happen.  Oh no you don't, don't you dare even think about going there, LOL.

   For Meg.  Requiscat in Pace means rest in peace.  We use a lot of latin in my profession, actually alot of professions, lawyers, politician etc.   I love latin the origin of most of our language.

    Now I want everyone to send me good vibes that they will call me and tell me I don't have to work my extra shift.  The problem is I will have to sleep like I am going to have to.  If I get called off, and it is looking slim the way the floor was when I left, then I will have slept and won't be able to sleep tonight.  Since my abcess is still pretty darn sore I think I could fix that problem with the before mentioned hot buttered rum.  Yes, that should help nicely.  Well, I am off to bed.  Send those positive wishes this way.  I know we can do it.


springangel235 said...

That was a busy
Get some good sleep...many hugs and love,

lanurseprn said...

Wow you got slammed!!  Can ya have a hot buttered rum before sleeping?  
Hope you do get called off.

mpnaz58 said...

Seems to go in cycles!  I htink the holidays drain everyone!!  Even people who normally be ok or think it doesn't matter to somehow creeps up.  Get some rest, girl!  Take care...
xoxo ~myra

innxdoor said...

Sending you good vibes from SC in hopes the rough nights go quickly and the in between times of rest are rejuvinating :)))))))))
Reminds me of the days I worked the ER and not too many of those nights went uneventful, but I did learn how to play 500 rummy in between haha!
I loved seeing the words "My weight loss Journey. Tell me you have a club going so I can join and start dumping the pounds off the right way :) and have a back up system to yell when I do plunge into some of this Christmas sweets sitting on the table.
:)))))Doreen from SC

inquestoftruth said...

Sending good vibes your way (keeping all my sick germs to myself)  

trains were attacking poor people???   What did I miss??

Thanks for the latin lesson.    I think I should have recognized that for latin, but was too busy wondering how you made a typo like that!!  lol    ooops on ME.  

cacklinrosie101 said...

Sending good vibes your way and hoping against all that you don't have to work that extra shift.  Take a couple of sips of that hot buttered rum and get lots of sleep...keeping my fingers crossed.  Chris

xxroxymamaxx said...

Well, I don't know if you had to work the extra shift or not, but I hope not. lol  I'm late what can I say?  Hugs and GBU, Shelly