Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Last night off.


   Above is my over 100 year old Santa.  My MIL's mother had it.  I got it about 10 years ago and it was 100 then.  Pretty ugly and their is quite abit of paint missing but I still like it.

   Rick's appointment went well.  I am not sure about the Cardiac ablation.  The doctor says slightly more then 50% of people get some relief from their attacks.  Not cured but they have fewer A-Fib attacks.  I thought the results were higher then that.  A few get complete relief, but it is not the norm.  He started him on a new medication he has to take for 2 weeks and then he has to call the he doctor.  If it seems to be controlling his A-fib we will just keep on with the medication, if it isn't helping he will get the ablation on the 8th.  That sucks because I will have to start all over with my deductable.  I am really hoping it works.  He would have to go to Omaha and that is out of network plus he would be in overnight.  Sigh.  More overtime.  I hope the new med works.  The doctor says with his type of A-fib it will just continue to be more frequent.  We know that all ready.

   My hair was the pits today.   I have thin fine hair.  I can sit there all day with rollers on or try to curl my hair with the curling iron but it won't hold a curl.  Lay on it weird though and it will stand straight up in the air like magic.  It would probably stay there all day.  Now why is that?

    Another converstation with my husband.  I was busy folding my clothes.

Where is the scotch tape?

In the desk drawer.....


10 minutes later

Where did you say the tape was?

In the desk drawer, I think the left side.......

another 10 minutes and he is standing at my side,

now where did you say it was?

Wasn't it there?  I leave my folding and go to the drawer, in the front in plain site sits the tape!

Rick, did you even look for the stupid tape?

I was busy....Oh thanks, you found it, happily going back to his work.

Stomping into the bedroom to finish folding clothes muttering under my breath, men, sheesh..... we have any glue?  AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH.

   What did you all think of the Iraq Study Group suggestions.  Gee, wonder how much of our tax payers money got used for that brilliant summery.  I could have told them that for a lot less money.  Did anything come out of that meeting that we haven't known for months.  Who thinks of these things.   Gosh, I am so glad I can now sleep good at night.  Gee things are going really badly there and there is no clear cut solution and anything we do might, or might not make it worse.  Thats it!  THATS IT! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I can't believe these people sometimes, most of the time actually.  You know what, just get our soldiers home and blow the hell out of the place until there is no longer any threat to us.  Stop with all these stupid commitees.

   On that note, Off to bed.  Sleep tight everyone.


candlejmr said...

I had the same conversation with my husband about the Iraq Study.  They had to spend all of that money and have those seemingly intelligent people spend all of this time to sit down and discuss the fact that what we are doing isn't working????  Hell, I could have told them that in alot less time for alot less money!!!!! ((sigh))


Enough said. (lol)


lanurseprn said...

I hope Rick's Afib gets managed with the meds.  Ablation is quite a procedure to have to go through.  
I agree with you on the Iraq situation.  

madcobug said...

I hope that old ornament doesn't slip off and break. Maybe Rick's new meds will work for him. Helen