Sunday, December 24, 2006

Question time


  I like to post before I go to bed and read the comments if I get any when I wake up and am having my coffee.  So here is my question.

   Do you share with people, co-workers, friends or family that you have a journal?

   I don't.  My husband knows and actually feels quite close to so many of you and he reads along with me at times and I let him know how something came out with one of you we were worried about.  My younger son knows I write a journal but has no interest but no one else.  I sometimes look at my co-workers and wonder is any of them have a journal.  But I don't want to share mine with them.  Isn't that strange?  I share work with them  but I am private with my life.  So I was wondering about you all.  I know Deb has sisters and her mother doing journals and Val and Krissy but who else?  So spell the beans, leave your comments and make me happy while I drink my coffee.

   Last night at work was pretty good.  I got pulled to the medical floor where most of the patients seem to have this nasty bug going around lately with yicky stuff coming out of both ends.  Oh please don't let me get that one.  I also ate enough cookies to add at least 3 pounds on.   Why!  We haven't had any on our floor and I just couldn't seem to stop.  I have the stuffed gut to prove it.  This has got to stop!

  Well, time to go to bed.   It will be time to go to work before you know it.

         Merry Christmas Everyone!


cacklinrosie101 said...

My three children all know that I have a journal.  They don't really know or care about the graphics journal I also have so I usually post things in that journal that I think might bother them if they knew it was public knowledge.  All three read my regular journal and think I'm a total dork.  My BF knows I have a journal but has absolutely no understanding of how they work.  He thought it was a chatroom until he actually read an entry.  As far as work, most have no idea that I have a journal at all.  A couple of very close friends know I have a lot of online friends but, again, have no idea of the concept of online friends and journals so I haven't talked about my online adventures in months with them.  LOL...this was a very interesting question.  Chris

madcobug said...

Ken knows about my journal and used to read it but I don't think he does now. Both my children know I have one and my daughter reads every entry. A couple of friends do but that is about it. Hope you don't get the icky thing that is going around. Helen

lanurseprn said...

Interesting question Julie.  Like you, I'm very private at work.  I don't share much of my life with coworkers.  They can never recall if I'm married or what my story is.  But, I'm still new there.  I won't tell them about my journal.  I don't discuss much of my life with them at all.
Joey knows about my journal and reads it occassionally.  Not often.  He'll read it when I've mentioned that I wrote about him.  LOL!  Never comments.
Steve knew about it.  He never read it.  I had to show him what journals were because he didn't understand the concept.  He never wanted to read mine.
My girlfriend Louisa knows...but has no interest.  I've invited her to read it, but she has no interest.  
I think it's interesting because if I had a friend keeping a journal I'd read it all the time.  
Ok that was more than you ever wanted to know, wasn't it? LOL!
Hope you have a good sleep and a good night at work.

nightmaremom said...

LOL great question.. because of my graphics yes lots of folks know about my journal.  Do they read it?  LOL some I'm sure but I doubt they pay that close attention.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

mpnaz58 said...

At first, I didn't let anyone know about it, and that was over two years ago.  Then, like some dirty little secret I was dying to tell, I let my family know.  I wish I hadn't.  I censor myself too much because I'd like to be able to talk about them, objectively, and not hurt feelings.  My words mean one thing to me, but will mean something else to them.  My husband reads, and I kinda wish he wouldn't.  How can I spill the beans, when the very people I want to spill the beans about, are reading??  Oh, they don't leave comments, but they will mention it to me, something they read, etc.  Take care...
xoxo ~Myra

erarein63 said...

Interesting.  I've told my family about my journal, and even send out links to entries now and again.  My baby sister, Kathryn, reads my journal a lot, but rarely comments.  Other than that, I have no idea if anyone in my family (oh except my Uncle Fred) ever clinks on the links I send out.  My husband reads my journal occasionally, and so does my daughter, Hannah.  I made mention a couple of times at work that I have an online journal, but no one seems to understand what exactly it is, and I've never volunteered my site.  So to make a long story short, I wish I had made my journal more private to others, but open to my online friends.  I've made some very good ones here in J-land.

Oh, and yes, I've given up a lot of sleep working nights myself.  I think it gets better, when?  LOL

Merry Christmas!  ;) De

jlocorriere05 said...

I used to have a co-worker read my journal but she started telling everyone about my private life and picked out things from it to argue with me about. I went private and now nobody I know personally reads it! Happy Christmas! Jeannette xx  

inquestoftruth said...

Well....for obvious Mr. Big entries, I don't share my link with co workers.   However, I have shared it with a few "outsiders" who know Mr. Big, like the lady at the bank, and our biggest customer's expeditor, with whom I work closely.   She's had the misfortune of meeting him, too.   Both of my sisters read my journal, though Cindy doesn't read it as regularly as Gina does.   Neither of my brothers even know I have  journal, and my parents would read my journal if I actually showed them how to do it.     Hubby doesn't love me enough to read it.   At least that's what I told him.   Come to think of it, he didn't disagree.   Let me go beat him up, and I'll get back to ya on whether or not he reads it.   heh

I can relate to the cookie monster thing ya had going on there.    <groan>

radar446 said...

Of course I share my journal with others.  That is the whole reason I created it.  Then again, my journal is a little bit different than most.  I don't really do a whole lot of private stuff in it...none really.  It is part of my gallery ( and exists with it.  It is the fun and interactive part, that I have found to be quite enjoyable.  I've met several very nice foks, you included, though the journal.  In that respect, it has grown and taken on its own life that I never had anticipated.  I still share it with others that I work with...some of them actually read it.  As far as family goes, they know about it, and sometimes can't believe the time that I take with it.


bojgill4375 said...

Could not help myself!  Just had to tell you how CUTE the little puppies are!  I love animals.  Have a Merry Christmas.  Janie