Saturday, December 2, 2006

What weird thing did you do to your children?

   My kids thought I was weird when they were growing up.  I admit to doing some strange things.  I took care of a 18 year old with testicular cancer.  Embarrassed about the lump on this testicle he never told anyone until it was quite large, and quite late, too late to save his life.  I was determined to spread the word.  I went home where my 12 and 14 year old sons and about 4 of their friends were watching TV and proceeded to give them all a talk about the importance of monthly testicle exams and how they were as important as woman's monthly breast exam. 

    You never hear about it and did you know testicular cancer spreads very rapidly but it's very curable if caught early?  My sons could have died but I thought it was important and I thought it should be taught in school.  His friends, who still call me Mom, admit that after that lecture they all started doing the exam and even told their friends.  So embarrassing my children was worth it, I think.  I also would run out and wack them on the butt if I caught anyone of them spitting in my yard.  Mike, my surrogate son who is in the Navy, told me he still expects me to come tearing out of the house to spank him if he spits, LOL.  Its hard being the children of nurses.  What terrible things did your do to your children?

   Saw this on AOL news today.Ho Ho, No? State Bans Santa Beer - AOL News  This happens to be the very same beer I bought last night.  I bought it because of the label.  Have I mentioned I collect Santa's?  Now what is wrong with that label.  They think having Santa on it would give children the wrong idea, well no children in this house so bottoms up!  Hope it tastes as great as it looks.




madcobug said...

You did good by warning your sons about that type of cancer.
LOL on the spitting in the yard and the Santa beer. Your graphic or picture didn't come up for me. Helen

candlejmr said...

I think the cancer warning was excellent...I am going to tell my 13 year old son the same thing!  Thanks for the info.  

What do I do to embarress my daughter says I talk too loud (especially when I am on the phone) and my son says I tell people everything about him right in front of him!!  I guess I must do it loudly too!!!  

Guess that's what I get for asking them!  (lol)


madcobug said...

I  see the graphic now. Cute Santa. Helen

lanurseprn said...

Wow I didn't think to talk to my son about that.  I will soon now though.
Love the Santa label!  Hope it was good.

jckfrstross said...

LOL i bet they were embarrassed but better that than death:) i had my kids watch Tom greene when he had TC and he filmed it surgery and all then we talked about it. love the Santa beer cute label but i hate beerLOL